Want to Tase Richland County Sheriff?

How much would you pay to taser Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott?

Sheriff Lott is allowing citizens to legally tase him all Richland Countyin the name of charity.

According to WLTX, “The Richland County Sheriff’s Department Foundation is auctioning off the right to use one of the weapons on Lott late this month. (The sheriff, presumably, has agreed to this.)”

If you want to tase the Sheriff, it will cost you. Sheriff Lott said that in order for the tasing to take place, someone must make a minimum $1,000 bid. Additionally, Lott states for every thousand dollars bid, he will undergo another second of tasing.

The tasing is part of the Department’s annual golf tournament fundraiser. The golf tournament will take place September 24 at Woodlands Country Club. In addition to tasing, the tournament will feature door prizes and food.

According to the Richland County Sheriff’s Foundation site, “Providing equipment when it is needed, rather than when dollars become available was, and still is, The Richland County Sheriff’s Foundation’s primary goal.”

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