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When to Hire a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Every workplace has its hazards. Even as you work hard to meet your daily targets, keep in mind the fact that you might get injured in the course of your work. Unfortunately, some of these work-related injuries can leave you completely incapacitated and unable to work.

That’s why you need a workers’ compensation attorney to help you get justice when you get injured or become sick at work. But what is a workers’ comp attorney and when should you hire them? This article advises you on when to hire a workers’ lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina.

What Is a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

A workers’ attorney is a personal injury attorney who specializes in cases involving workman’s compensation claims when they suffer devastating accidents or fall sick at work. The main role of a workers’ compensation attorney is to ensure that victims of work-related injuries or illnesses get the benefits they deserve.

Columbia workers’ compensation lawyers assist their clients to obtain competent medical care for their injuries or illnesses quickly. In South Carolina, thousands of employees file workers’ compensation claims hoping to receive adequate compensation for medical costs they incur due to work-related injuries and illnesses. Others want to be compensated for lost wages and the psychological damages they suffer after the accident or illness.

Sadly, not every worker gets their rightful compensation, mainly because they don’t have qualified compensation attorneys to assist them. The best advice on how to win a workers’ comp case in Columbia, South Carolina is to hire an experienced workers’ comp lawyer. Fortunately, you can now find highly qualified compensation lawyers for your work-related injury case in Columbia from a reputable law firm like Strom Law.


When to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Columbia

When you’re injured or develop a serious illness at work, you’re entitled to full compensation. However, some laws stipulate when you are supposed to file a workers’ compensation claim. Failure to adhere to these guidelines can deny you an opportunity to be compensated by your employer or insurance company.

Because you aren’t a qualified workers’ compensation attorney who understands the occupational safety and health laws in your state, you should hire a lawyer to interpret the law for you and help you to file your compensation claim punctually. However, when you hire a workers’ comp lawyer and when you file a compensation claim have different limitations.

While the law clearly stipulates the duration within which you can successfully file a worker’s injury compensation claim, it doesn’t define when you should hire an attorney for your compensation case. However, it’s advisable to hire a good workers’ comp lawyer as soon as you get injured or develop a work-related illness.

Your lawyer will advise you on the important steps to take to file a successful compensation claim, including in the assistance of gathering evidence. The sooner you hire the compensation attorney for your case the better. They’ll help you pursue justice and compensation when everything about the injury or illness is still palpable.

Consequences of Delay

If you delay hiring an attorney, your chances of winning the case diminish significantly because memories of the incident might fade and the responsible parties have enough time to cover up the incident. Moreover, the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim can be overly complex and tedious, especially when the insurance adjusters attempt to block your claims. In other cases, your employer or insurance company may delay paying out your benefits or completely reject your claim.

This is where a qualified and experienced workers’ injury comp attorney comes in handy. They know the legal steps to take to compel your company to pay out all your benefits promptly. Should your employer attempt to punish you for pursuing benefits or refusing to pay out the agreed benefits, your attorney will take them to court.


Seek Care Immediately

When you get injured or develop an illness at work, you should seek medical attention immediately, even before you think about finding a compensation attorney. It’s important to go to the hospital even if it’s a minor injury or illness. Your doctor will examine you and write a medical report about the extent of your injuries. You’ll need this report to support your claim.

Once you’ve been treated, formally inform your employer about the injury or sickness. The statute of limitations in South Carolina stipulates that you have two years from the date of the injury or diagnosis to file a claim before the state’s Workers’ Compensation Commission. When this period elapses, you lose your right to compensation.


Moving Forward

In summary, a qualified and experienced workers’ comp lawyer should help you maneuver through the complex process, ensuring that you file a successful claim and get all the benefits you deserve.




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