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Wrongfully Convicted Long Island Man Finally Walks Free

After his wrongful imprisonment in 1995, John Grega finally walks free, thanks to a 2008 Vermont law allowing the admission of new DNA evidence.

Grega was found guilty of aggravated murder. He was accused and convicted for his 31-year-old wife’s raping, sodomizing, beating, and strangling in 1994. On Tuesday, August 21st, a judge vacated his sentence ordered a re-trial when DNA from an unknown man was found on her body. Swabs of the DNA were tested in mid-May. On Wedneday, Grega was released on $75,000 bail.

This is the first time the 2008 Vermont law has been applied to release a wrongfully convicted prisoner.

However, Grega is not completely exonerated – he has simply been freed because he did not commit the act he was accused of. Tracy Kelly Shriver, the state attorney for Windham County, claims there was “overwhelming circumstantial evidence” linking Grega to the crime. He gave police conflicting stories about what happened on the day of his wife’s death, as well.

The conditions of his release stipulate that, while the judge schedules a court hearing, Grega is to remain at his mother’s home in Lake Ronkonkoma, and he cannot see his late wife’s family unless they initiate the meeting.

If you were wrongfully convicted, in South Carolina you cannot be exonerated, but your record might be expunged, or you might be pardoned. The lawyers at Strom Law, LLC, can help you with questions regarding your criminal record. We offer free consultations, so contact us today. 803.252.4800.



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