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Nurse in Anderson Lied About Qualifications for 27 years, Faces the South Carolina Criminal Code

Breaking the South Carolina Criminal Code

A nurse in Anderson, SC admitted to the police that she was not legally a nurse.

Denise Lynn Lollis created counterfeit papers for herself, and has been practicing as a nurse in the county since 1985. This is against laws in South Carolina, and she now faces harsh penalties according to South Carolina Criminal Code. According to the arrest warrant, she voluntarily wrote a letter to SLED, admitting that she had forged her licenses, which had allowed her to obtain her jobs at AnMed and Tri County Technical College – she was a nursing instructor for several years.

The South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation, which helps enforce the South Carolina criminal code, confirmed that Lollis’s licensing numbers were not hers, and that she had never been issued a nursing license.

Lollis’s Employers Hired Her, Also Breaking South Carolina Criminal Codes

It is important that doctors and nurses follow the South Carolina Criminal Code
It is important that doctors and nurses follow the South Carolina Criminal Code

Lollis worked as the lab coordinator for licensed practical nursing at the Tri County Technical College until August 9th of this year. She was hired in 1991. Rebecca Eidson, who works in the public relations department of the college, did not state whether Lollis resigned, or was fired.

At AnMed, Lollis was prohibited from working with patients earlier this year because she was unable to produce a valid license. She was fired from the hospital on May 30th.

Hospital spokesperson Heidi Charalambous and AnMed released a statement on Lollis, which said “…all nurses must produce a valid nursing license each year to continue employment in the health system. When Denise Lynn Lollis was unable to produce a valid license earlier this year, AnMed Health contacted the appropriate authorities, thus starting the investigation into Ms. Lollis’s licensure.”

“Ms. Lollis, who had been working on an as-needed basis, was pulled from patient care as soon as questions arose about her licensure. Her employment at AnMed Health officially ended May 30, 2012. AnMed Health has cooperated fully with this investigation and will continue to be vigilant in our efforts to ensure employees are qualified to perform the duties they are assigned.”

Lollis was released on a personal recognizance bond amounting in $10,000. The South Carolina criminal code has been enforced against her.

South Carolina Criminal Code: If you Offend, Let us Defend

The attorneys at the Strom Law Firm have practiced for 16 years, defending those charged with violating South Carolina’s criminal code and ethics.  Our attorneys also defend those under investigation by L.L.R.  Based in South Carolina’s capital city, Columbia, the lawyers of Strom Law practice throughout all counties in the state, as well as Georgia and New York. We handle criminal defense and professional licensing defense.

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  • Public Drunkenness, Open Container
  • Youthful Offender Crimes 
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  • ALL Other Charges

If you have any questions about the South Carolina criminal code in any county, including Richland, Anderson, Fairfield, or Orangeburg counties, the attorneys at the Strom Law Firm can help. We offer free, confidential consultations to discuss the facts of your case and help you defend yourself in a court of law. Call us today. 803.252.4800.



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