Private Prisons Turning Incarceration into Lucrative Business

After decades of tough criminal justice policies, states have been struggling with crowded prisons that are exceeding budgets. In response to those pressures, New Jersey has become the leader in a national effort to save money by redirecting inmates to privately run halfway houses instead of prisons. However, this new idea meant to save the state … [Read more...]

Police Officer Stabbed in Skull Lucky to be Alive

An NYPD police officer is being described as the “luckiest unlucky man ever” after surviving a brutal stab wound to the skull. Officer Eder Loor, 28, found himself involved in an altercation with a bipolar arrestee while on duty. During the altercation, Terrence Hale, 26, plunged the three-and-a-half inch blade deep into Loor’s left temple. Loor, … [Read more...]

Rapper DMX Arrested for DUI – A New Charge for Him

DMX Arrested in SC Again, But This Time the Arrest was for DUI Rapper DMX has had yet another run-in with South Carolina law enforcement – this time, however, he was pulled over for DUI, which is a new twist on his story. In February, the 42-year-old rap artist, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was pulled over because he was driving without a … [Read more...]

Congratulations to Federal District Judge Mary G Lewis

Congratulations to federal district judge Mary G Lewis on her confirmation! I was delighted to learn that my law school classmate, Mary G Lewis, was confirmed by the United States Senate on Monday by a vote of 64-27. Mary is little lifelong resident of Columbia. She attended Clemson University graduating cum laude and received her juris … [Read more...]

Cooked Chicken Becomes Part of Salmonella Food Recall

Costco Issues Food Recall for Cooked Chicken Due to Salmonella A Costco store in the San Francisco Bay Area has issued a food recall for Foster Farms Rotisserie chicken, due to possible salmonella contamination. The retailer’s food recall covers 40,000 lbs of Foster Farms and associated Kirkland Farms chicken, including 8,800 Kirkland Signature … [Read more...]

Johnson & Johnson Agrees to $22.9 Million Settlement for Drug Recall Lawsuits

J&J Agrees to Pay $22.9 Million in Drug Recall Lawsuit Alleging the Company Misled Investors Johnson & Johnson is the world’s largest maker of health care products, ranging from shampoo to hip replacement devices. In recent years, the company has faced a range of lawsuits, many involving personal injury from the company’s products. On … [Read more...]

Tuesday Morning Corp 4th Quarter Losses Greater Because of Kathleen Mason

Tuesday Morning Corp reported that its net losses from fourth quarter widened from last year, and the retail chain is pointing the finger at Kathleen Mason. In June 2012, Tuesday Morning Corp fired Mason reportedly for “extraordinary destruction of shareholder value.” However, earlier this month, Mason filed a lawsuit against her former … [Read more...]

“Happy Gilmore” Actor Gets DWI In Wilmington, NC

Actor Famous for Bit Parts in Comedies Receives DWI in NC An actor most famous for his role of “Shooter McGavin” in Happy Gilmore was arrested early in the morning on Wednesday, October 16th, on DWI charges, or “driving while impaired.” According to the North Carolina Highway Patrol, actor Christopher McDonald was pulled over by a trooper in … [Read more...]

Bard Wants Compensation for Dropped Transvaginal Mesh Case

Transvaginal Mesh Manufacturer Wants Attorneys’ Fees for Dropped Personal Injury Case The third bellwether trial in the CR Bard transvaginal mesh multidistrict litigation (MDL) was dropped recently, and now the medical manufacturer is seeking compensation for incurred attorneys’ fees. According to court documents, the trial in the case of Linda … [Read more...]

North Carolina Man In Prison For 34 Years, But God Knows He’s Innocent

After 34 Years, Sledge May Be Proven Innocent  At 68, Joseph Sledge has spent the last 34 years of his life in a North Carolina prison for a crime he says he didn’t commit.  Matter of fact, Sledge’s correspondence with the Columbus County Clerk of Court’s office takes up four files spanning his 34 years of incarceration.  Sledge has proclaimed … [Read more...]