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Managing Your Business and Commercial Disputes

Are you facing business litigation?

As a business owner, corporate manager, or an executive, you know that as far as business is concerned, disputes, and ultimately civil litigation, are all part of the package.  You also recognize that some disputes are far more serious than others.  The Strom Law Firm L.L.C.’s business litigation practice is focused on representing individuals, officers, directors, public companies, and private corporations involved in complex civil disputes. Give us a call today for a free consultation. (803) 252-4800.

Business Litigation in South Carolina and Georgia

Business Litigation AttorneyThe Strom Law Firm, LLC assists individual and business clients throughout South Carolina and Georgia. Our attorneys litigate and resolve complex business and commercial disputes in a variety of industries including finance, construction, and commercial development. We have the tools and resources to help our clients with just about any business dispute.

We concentrate our resources and efforts on business and commercial litigation involving:

Attention to detail, complete investigation, thorough preparation, and a willingness to try cases are the cornerstones of our business litigation practice.

Non-Compete Agreements in South Carolina

Oftentimes employees who planning to compete with a current or former employer may find themselves subject to a non-compete or restrictive covenant agreement.  Whether your non-compete agreement is enforceable depends upon whether a Court finds it “reasonable” under the circumstances.

To be enforceable, the agreement must be:

  • Supported by valuable consideration;
  • Necessary to protect the legitimate interest of your employer;
  • Reasonably limited with regard to time and geographic scope;
  • Not unduly harsh or oppressive in limiting your ability to earn a living;
  • Reasonable from a public policy perspective.

Every non-compete agreement must be viewed based upon its own set of facts. Contact the Strom law firm today for a free consultation to discuss the enforceability of your employment agreement.

Call Today for a Free Business and Commercial Litigation Case Review

At every stage of business litigation, from evaluation of claims, staffing, and initial strategy development, to document and information management, trial preparation, and settlement or verdict, we are focused on obtaining favorable results for our clients.  Strong support staff, state-of-the-art document scanning, and ample experience make our attorneys well positioned to serve you as a client and obtain results.  If you find yourself in the middle of a business dispute or need help interpreting or enforcing a contract or legal agreement, contact the Strom Law Firm, L.L.C. today for a free consultation to discuss your available options. We are located in Barrister Hall 6923 N. Trenholm Rd, Columbia  SC 29206-1707


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