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What to Do if You’re Wrongfully Accused of Sex Abuse

False accusations happen more frequently than you’d think, and these can have severe consequences–they can ruin a person’s life. If you believe that you’ve been wrongfully accused of sexual abuse, you must know how to defend yourself and take all the necessary steps to prove your innocence. First and foremost, hire a lawyer who can best represent you. It’s best to seek out someone who has experience with sex abuse cases; even better if they know how to handle false accusations related to the crime. Strom Law has experienced sexual abuse lawyers who can help you.You can do this with help from South Carolina sexual abuse lawyers from Strom Law.

What to Do if You’re Wrongfully Accused of Sex Abuse

If you’re falsely accused of sexual abuse, don’t panic. Here are the steps you should take if you find yourself in this situation:

Understand the Seriousness of the Accusation

Even if you know you’re innocent, you shouldn’t assume that the judge, prosecutor, or jury involved in your case might think the same. From the get-go, get to know the possible consequences and penalties you might face. 

Ask questions like, “Can a sex offender get a pardon in South Carolina?” so you can understand the gravity of the situation. That way, you can make better decisions as you navigate the process. Just because you know you’re in the right doesn’t mean that you should treat your case lightly.

Find Representation

When you find representation, be sure to act fast. They may be able to intervene even before charges are placed, convincing relevant authorities that they have the wrong person–this can save you a lot of time and resources. 

Go through a strategy with your attorney, and be sure to learn about all aspects of your case (such as what the difference between sexual abuse and rape is) so that you can fully understand what’s going on and make smart choices with your legal team.

Gather Evidence

The best way to defend yourself after a false accusation is to gather proof of your innocence. Look back and do a timeline of the events of the case. Pinpoint key moments and look for documents, records, screenshots, etc. that could show that you’re being falsely accused. Begin working on a witness list, too; you’ll want people who can best present your side of the story with credibility.

Do Some Tests

Specialized testing may be important in false accusations of sexual abuse. This is good evidence that can disprove allegations, showing that you physically can’t be capable of what you’re being accused of.

What Not to Do if You’re Wrongfully Accused of Sex Abuse

If you’re wrongfully accused of sexual abuse, you should refrain from certain actions that could make your situation worse or put you in a compromised position. Here are some things you should not do under these circumstances:

Destroy Evidence

The evidence should speak for itself when proving your innocence. If you tamper with proof, especially ruining documents that you feel might somehow incriminate you, you’re putting yourself in a dangerous position. 

Communicate with the Victim or Witnesses

While you may be tempted to resolve an issue yourself, it’s not a good idea to directly communicate with the accuser or witnesses on their side. This may aggravate the situation.

Act Without Your Lawyer

Once you have representation on your side, trust them to take action for you. Listen to their advice and don’t act without their consent. 

Specifically, you should be sure not to talk to the police, prosecutor, or criminal investigator without your attorney present. Furthermore, don’t consent to any tests requested by other parties without the go signal from your lawyer.

Hire Sexual Abuse Lawyers That You Can Trust From Strom Law

Strom Law is dedicated to pursuing justice for our clients, and that includes individuals who may be falsely accused of crimes like sexual abuse. We’re ready to help you prove your innocence by advising you on the best strategies and helping you build a strategy to get your name in the clear. Get in touch with one of our sexual abuse lawyers in South Carolina today.




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