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Sheriff’s Administrative Assistant on Leave Because Husband Arrested on Drug Charges



Man Arrested on Drug Charges for Selling Cocaine, Wife Put On Leave from Job at Sheriff’s Office

A man from Lexington, SC has been arrested on drug charges for selling cocaine. Unfortunately, his wife works for the sheriff’s department as an administrative assistant. She has been put on leave with pay.

Investigators say that there is no evidence that she knew about her husband’s activities.

Charles Alton Morehouse, 37, was arrested and charged with distributing cocaine. A confidential informant told officers that he knew someone who distributed cocaine, as he had purchased cocaine off the man before. This led to an undercover investigation, drug charges, and Morehouse’s arrest.

Morehouse’s wife, Crystal Morehouse, serves as the administrative assistant for Lexington County Sheriff James Metts.

Although there is no evidence that Mrs. Morehouse knew about the drug deals, or helped her husband with them, Sheriff Metts has placed her on administrative leave with pay.

Mr. Morehouse is currently being held at the Lexington County Detention Center, awaiting a bond hearing.

Drug Charges and Drug Trafficking Defense in South Carolina

A charge of drug trafficking can be brought against any person who knowingly sells, manufactures, cultivates, delivers, purchases, or brings drugs into the state of South Carolina, or who provides financial assistance or otherwise aids, abets, attempts, or conspires to sell, manufacture, cultivate, deliver, purchase, or bring drugs into the state, or who is knowingly in actual or constructive possession of drugs or who knowingly attempts to become in actual or constructive possession of a specific amount of illegal drugs.

The charge brought is based upon the quantity of illegal drugs that you actually possess or were attempting to buy, or even if you intended to use the drugs for personal use. Charges of drug trafficking can be brought even if officers find drugs that they believe are packaged for sale.

Under South Carolina law, the following amounts are considered drug trafficking:

• Cocaine/Crack 10 grams
• Heroin 4 grams
• Marijuana 10 pounds
• Ecstasy 100 pills

The Strom Law Firm, LLC handles a wide array of narcotics trafficking and drug charges, including:

• Heroin
• Cocaine/crack cocaine
• Marijuana
• Methamphetamines
• Prescription drugs, including prescription pain killers
such as Oxycotin or Xanax
• Ecstasy (MDMA) or other club drugs
The penalties for drug trafficking are severe, including mandatory minimum sentences of 25 years for certain trafficking charges.

The Strom Law Firm Can Help Defend Against Drug Charges

Founded in 1996 by former United States Attorney and Assistant Solicitor, Pete Strom, the Strom Law Firm, LLC has been fighting Federal and State Drug charges for over 15 years.  The drug possession and drug trafficking lawyers at the Strom Law Firm, LLC,  include a former United States Attorney and Richland County Assistant Solicitor, a former Public Defender, and a former Assistant Attorney General and Richland County Assistant Solicitor.

The lawyers at the Strom Law Firm, LLC are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients, providing aggressive representation grounded in our years of experience building and interpreting the laws of South Carolina. If you are under scrutiny for drug charges, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer free, confidential consultations to discuss the facts of your case, and see how we can help you. Do not hesitate to contact us. 803.252.4800.



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