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Former USC Football Star Demetris Summers Arrested for DUI, Drug Charges

Former Gamecock Football Player Demetris Summers Arrested on DUI, Drug Charges

Former University of South Carolina tailback Demetris Summers was arrested on November 5th, around 4:50 AM, after a car accident led authorities to a breathalyzer test, and determined he committed a DUI.

Summers has also been charged with attempt to distribute crack cocaine, as well as possession of an illegal fire arm.

A Highway Patrol officer was called to the scene of a collision early in the morning on Tuesday, and found Summers and a passenger in Summers’ silver Honda just off the shoulder of the road. The front driver’s-side tire was not on the vehicle. Both men told the officer they were searching for the lug nut for the missing wheel. The officer reported that both men smelled strongly of alcohol, so the officer conducted a field sobriety test, as he suspected the men were covering a DUI. Summers consented to the tests, informing the offer that he had had one beer before driving. However, he failed the field sobriety tests.

“Mr. Summers could not keep his balance during the instruction portion (of one of the tests),” the trooper wrote. “During the one leg stand portion … Mr. Summers put his feet down multiple times, used his arms for balance and swayed.”

A breathalyzer showed Demetris Summers’ blood alcohol content (BAC) to be 0.02, within the legal limit. However, the officer found about 7 grams of crack cocaine in the vehicle, along with a .40-calibre Taurus handgun.

“Due to the poor performance on the (field soberity tests) and the drugs found in the vehicle, I believe Mr. Summers was under the influence of something other than alcohol,” the on-scene trooper wrote.

Summers went to the hospital for a urine test, but the results are not listed in the report. If the tests are positive, however, Summers could be charged with DUI for drugs, not just alcohol.

Demetris Summers was a high school football star who went on to play for the USC Gamecocks under Lou Holtz. However, he was kicked off the team for smoking marijuana.

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