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10k Cooper Tires Recalled

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co are recalling 10,236 radial SUV/light truck tires. The tires are sold under the Cooper name, as well as three other customer names.

There has been yet another tire recall due to tread separation.


Those tires subject to recall include:

  • Cooper Discoverer H/T, sizes P265/70R17 and LT235/85R16
  • Cooper Discoverer LSX, size 265/70R17
  • Mastercraft Courser HTR, size LT235/85R16
  • Del-Nat Delta A/S Sierradial, size 265/70R17
  • Del-Nat National A/S Commando, size 265/70R17
  • Pep Boys Definity Dakota H/T, size P265/70R17
  • TBC Sigma Stampede Radial SUV, size P265/70R17


10k Cooper Tires Recalled, SC Defective Products LawyerThe tires may have been manufactured with rubber that was contaminated that could result in tread separation. Cooper said in a statement to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “We have received reports from several dealers regarding the subject tires developing early life tread separations when placed in service.”

After an internal investigation done by Cooper, it was found that a small amount of “non-standard” rubber stock was accidentally mixed with specified tread stock. The tires affected were manufactured from December 11-17, 2011 and January 1-7, of 2012.

Cooper Tires is based out of Texarkana, Ark. The recall number is 156. The company states it will notify owners of the recalled tires and replace the tires free of charge. The replacement includes the mounting and balancing of the tires. Cooper did not indicate whether it received any reports of injuries or damages resulting from the tires.

Those affected by the recall may also contact Cooper’s customer relations department at 800-854-6288.


Tread Separation

Tire tread separation at high speeds can dramatically affect the ability of the driver to maintain control of the vehicle, which often results in a catastrophic, single-vehicle accident. Tire failures are also more likely to lead to rollovers when they occur on a vehicle with a high center of gravity such as many popular sport utility vehicles. Unfortunately, there is little sign or warning that your tires are in danger.


SC Defective Products Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident because of recalled tires or other recalled products, call the SC defective products lawyer at the Strom Law Firm today. We understand accidents can have devastating consequences. Our SC defective products lawyer will fight for your rights. Call us today for a free consultation. 803.252.4800.



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