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South Carolina DUI Lawyers: Get a Defense Lawyer for Your Case

Finding the Right DUI Defense Lawyers for Your Case

Our DUI defense lawyers want you to know that, in South Carolina, it is not illegal to have a drink of alcohol and drive. However, according to state DUI criminal law, it is illegal to operate a vehicle if the person’s faculties to drive are materially and appreciably impaired.  If you are a driver and drive while drunk, you can cause potential risks to yourself and other traffic. Because a DUI conviction can have lasting implications on your private and professional life, it’s important to involve a drunk driving attorney early on so that we can help protect your rights under South Carolina law. If you are a driver who has been involved in a DUI case, call 803-252-4800 today to speak with a South Carolina DUI defense lawyer who understands the complexities of the drunk driving charges you face.

Need a DUI Defense Lawyer?

There are a variety of DUI charges in South Carolina. The experienced DUI lawyers at the Strom Law Firm, LLC can handle all types of South Carolina DUI charges, including:

DUI Defense LawyersThe Strom Law Firm’s DUI Defense Lawyers can thoroughly evaluate and challenge your DUI police arrest. Immediately, after you hire an attorney, we will begin preparing your DUI defense.

Remember, pleading guilty to a DUI charge without the advice of a drunk driving lawyer can have lasting personal and professional consequences. When you talk to the police, don’t plead guilty before talking with a South Carolina drunk driving representative. Negative consequences of pleading guilty of drunk driving can include

  • Loss of your ability to maintain your current South Carolina employment or to obtain future employment
  • The increase in insurance premiums as a result of the SR-22 license requirement
  • Possible prison time for drunk driving
  • Hefty fines (which can double when you add court costs)
  • The loss of your South Carolina license

All of the above drunk driving consequences can undermine your credibility and jeopardize your future in South Carolina, not to mention have devastating effects on personal and professional relationships.  For example, if you lose your driver’s license, you may not be able to work. That’s why it’s critical to secure the right DUI defense attorney – at the right time.

In preparing for the defense, your DUI lawyer, also known as a DWI lawyer or DWI defense lawyer, will conduct questioning  and review a variety of potential issues regarding your DUI case.

  • Your DUI attorney will determine if the police officer’s video camera started recording as soon as the officer turned on the blue lights.
  • Prior to administering the breath test, was the DUI implied consent notice read by the police, which states the consequences of a refusal to submit to a blood test, urine test, or breath test? Your DUI lawyer should consider challenging breath tests.
  • Were field sobriety tests (FSTs) properly administered by the police? Inaccuracies with FSTs are widespread and commonly challenged. Your South Carolina DUI lawyer should know the ins and outs of challenging field sobriety tests.
  • A good drunk driving attorney in South Carolina will be prepared to cross-examine the police officer to determine if he had a legitimate reason to pull you over for DUI in the first place.
  • Did the traffic officer read you your Miranda rights? Police must read your Miranda rights before asking questions.

Drunk Driving Penalties in South Carolina

Your South Carolina punishment for DUI is based upon:

  • Is your charge a DUI first, second DUI, third DUI, or subsequent offense in South Carolina?
  • What is your DUI blood alcohol level (BAC)? The higher your BAC, the stiffer the penalties for drunk driving.
  • After your DUI arrest, did you agree to or refuse to take a chemical test, such as a breath test administered by the police?
  • Was there a minor child in your vehicle when you were charged with DUI?
  • Was anyone injured or killed in traffic as a result of your DUI?

Working with a DUI attorney can help you fight your case and understand South Carolina DUI laws. As a driver, you will want the best South Carolina DWI lawyers to represent your drunk driving case in court.

Call Today for a Free DUI Defense Consultation with a South Carolina DUI Attorney

A DUI conviction in South Carolina can alter the rest of your life, impacting potential, future employment, insurance rates, ability to hold a license, and your reputation among your peers. A DUI charge is a serious offense that requires a strategic, aggressive, well-planned criminal defense from a DUI attorney. As a driver, it is imperative that you do not wait until you have jeopardized your rights to contact a DUI lawyer near me. We know the DUI laws. Let us put our experienced DUI attorneys to work for you and your DUI case.

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