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Warning: Bottle Bombs May Be As Close As Your Own Front Yard

Police are warning of a new threat that could even be found in your mailbox, driveway, or on the grass.

Bottle bombs, or “works” bombs”, are being discovered in yards across the country. The bombs, which are composed of Draino and Tin Foil, are mixed together inside of soda bottle and appear like a dark soda. Unsuspecting people, including children, may lift the bottle, which may then cause the bottle bomb to detonate.

The bottle bomb detonates due to the buildup of gases. The force of the detonation is extremely strong, and may sever fingers and limbs. Second and third degree chemical burns can also result from the explosion. Other injuries can include blindness and injuries resulting from the toxic fumes.

Police are advising people to take the following precautions:

  1. If you find a soda or any other bottle on the ground, DO NOT TOUCH IT.  Instead, examine it to see if it has signs of swelling or melting. If it does, DO NOT TOUCH IT AND CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.
  2. Touching the bottle bomb may cause the gas to combine and detonate.  This can be especially harmful to children and pets.
  3. Talk to your children about the dangers of picking up an unfamiliar bottle and warn them that if they see anything that appears suspicious to locate an adult.


Police are warning that these bombs are not trivial objects, and that calling the police is not a waste or misuse of your police protection.

Kids are being warned to stay away from this bomb making trend. It may seem like a silly prank, but in actuality in can be quite harmful to the maker and the person who detonates the device. The device could also land a person in serious legal trouble.

A bottle bomb maker may be charged with “Possession of a Substance with Explosive Capabilities”.  Even if the device causes no damages, it is classified as a 15 year felony. If the device causes some damage it is a 20 year felony. If the device causes any type of personal injury, it can be a 25 year felony. Lastly, if the device causes death, a person can be sentenced to Life without Parole.



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