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Caitlyn Jenner Could Face Manslaughter Charges for Car Accident

Caitlyn Jenner Could Face Misdemeanor Manslaughter Charges for Involvement in Car Accident in Hollywood

Los Angeles police have been investigating a fatal 4-vehicle accident that involved Caitlyn Jenner in February this year, and the LAPD reported that they might charge Jenner with manslaughter for her involvement in the car pile-up.

“Jenner’s case is going to go to the district attorney next week to see if it is worthy of a misdemeanor violation for involuntary manslaughter,” Det. Richard Curry said on Thursday, August 20th.

The multi-vehicle accident on February 7th was not caused by Jenner, but her vehicle rear-ended another car that had already been stopped in the accident. Because Jenner’s black Cadillac SUV hit the Lexus in front of her, the Lexus’s driver, Kimberly Howe, Howe’s car veered into the oncoming traffic lane, where the Lexus was struck by a Hummer, and Howe was killed at the scene.

Jenner’s SUV continued moving after it hit the Lexus and struck a second vehicle at the scene.

“We did determine in the investigation that Jenner was going at an unsafe speed for the prevailing conditions, even though he was traveling under the posted speed limit,” Curry said. Police believe that Jenner should have slowed down considerably due to conditions, and that the weight of a trailer attached to her SUV added to the problem of going too fast for the current traffic conditions.

However, Jenner will only face misdemeanor manslaughter charges for her role in the accident, and not gross negligence or more serious manslaughter charges. Misdemeanor manslaughter charges in California could put Jenner in jail for up to a year, but no more, and it is unlikely that Jenner will actually go to jail at all. In South Carolina, joint speeding violations such as a drunk driving incident that resulted in vehicular manslaughter could end up as a felony crime.

“There’s no felony here because I don’t believe that any of her conduct rises to the level of gross negligence and I don’t believe it would be filed as a misdemeanor because I don’t believe her conduct can be said to have been reckless or even ordinary negligence or what an average person would or wouldn’t do in that same scenario,” said a consulting defense attorney.

Jenner released the following statement regarding the car accident: “My heartfelt and deepest sympathies go out to the family and loved ones, and to all of those who were involved or injured in this terrible accident. “It is a devastating tragedy, and I cannot pretend to imagine what this family is going through at this time. I am praying for them.”

Police have determined that none of the four vehicles’ drivers committed additional crimes such as distracted driving which could have contributed to the accident. The primary issue was Jenner’s speed. The evidence will go before a magistrate next week, and police spokespeople have said that there is a “50/50” chance that Jenner will face manslaughter charges of any kind.

If Jenner does face manslaughter charges, E! stated that the investigation and charges will not affect Jenner’s docuseries, “I Am Cait.”

Reportedly, Howe’s step children have also filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Jenner.



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