Chinese Drywall Lawyers Fear Defendants Will Ignore Lawsuits

Victims of Chinese Drywall, which is suspected of causing corrosion and possible health risks including upper respiratory problems and head aches in homes where it was installed, face another hurdle in their lawsuit.

As reported on Yahoo news, lawyers representing homeowners and homebuilders who used the defective drywall expect that many of the Chinese companies responsible for making the defective wallboard will ignore the approximately 300 lawsuits filed against them in U.S. Courts.

As indicated in the article, the lawyers involved in the case said Chinese companies are virtually insulated against liability in U.S. suits because suing them through international court is costly and time consuming and civil judgments in the U.S. courts are not enforced in China.

Last week, Judge Eldon Fallon found one Chinese company, Taishan Gypsum Co., in contempt of court for ignoring the suits.

So, who will be responsible for the damages caused by over 540 million pounds of Chinese drywall imported into the United States since 2001?

Attorneys for the Defenants are asking the same thing. Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin Co., is the only Chinese company that has been responsive to the lawsuit so far. Defendant homebuilders, drywall installers and distributors are seeking damages from the Chinese companies as well.

Attorneys for the victims are considering asking the court to seize vessels that brought the drywall to the United States if they return to United States ports.

One thing is for certain, Russ Herman, lead lawyer for the plaintiffs, is not giving up. “You’re talking about billions of dollars…We’re going to find some ways to make them responsive.” Bellweather trials are expected to begin in January 2010.

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