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Columbia High School Teacher Faces SC Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges

English Teacher Accused of Criminal Sexual Conduct with Student

An honors English teacher at Dreher High School faces SC criminal sexual conduct charges after admitting to having sex with one of her students.

34-year-old Kinsley Wentsky has been charged by Forest Acres Police with the sexual battery of a student.Criminal Sexual Conduct

Although Wentsky was initially accused last Friday of multiple incidents of sexual misconduct with the 17-year-old male student, she currently faces only one charge. On Monday, January 7th, police issued a warrant for her arrest. She was given a $10,000 personal recognizance bond.

Wentsky has been an honors English teacher and Teacher Cadet instructor at Dreher High School for 7 years, and has been teaching for 10 years.

The Report of Criminal Sexual Conduct

Police are still trying to determine exactly when the inappropriate relationship between Wentsky and the male student began. Currently, officers report that criminal sexual conduct occurred in the student’s Forest Acres home on one occasion. She admitted to the incident, and the student also gave a sworn statement regarding the interaction.

Although Wentsky faces the criminal sexual conduct charge of sexual battery, she is not accused of using aggravated force or coercion. However, Ms. Pamela Jacobs, executive director of S.C. Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, says that there is no way the interaction was equal. “As a teacher, you are in a position of authority,” Ms. Jacobs said. “There’s no way it was an equal relationship.”

Richland District 1 learned of the relationship when the student’s parents called Dreher High School principal, Ms. Jeanne Stiglbauer. School officials then reported the criminal sexual conduct to the police. Wentsky was put on administrative leave with pay, for the time being.

Unfortunately, word of the incident spread around the school as well. By January 3rd, students began posting about the incident on social media sites, congratulating the victim. Officials warn that the incident is still a criminal activity and should not be celebrated.

Anyone who has additional information regarding the case is asked to call the Columbia Police Department at (803) 545-3500.

South Carolina Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges

If you have criminal sexual charges on your record, you could be denied future opportunities for jobs or education.

Whether you have been arrested and charged with:

Our criminal sexual conduct lawyers are familiar with the system.  The Strom Law Firm, LLC understands the implications of a sexual conduct conviction

According to the South Carolina Judicial Department, criminal sexual conduct requires:

  1. That the accused engaged in sexual battery with the victim; and
  2. That one or more of the following circumstances are present:
    A. the accused used aggravated force to accomplish the sexual battery, and/or
    B. the victim submitted to the sexual battery under circumstances where the victim is also the victim of forcible confinement, kidnapping, robbery, extortion, burglary, housebreaking, or any other similar offense or act.
    C. the accused caused the victim, without the victim’s consent, to become mentally incapacitated or physically helpless by administering, distributing, dispensing, delivering, or causing to be administered, distributed, dispensed, or delivered a controlled substance, a controlled substance analogue, or any intoxicating substance.

The Strom Law Firm’s attorneys collectively have 30 years of experience with the criminal justice system. We can help you with criminal sexual conduct charges in South Carolina, as well as Georgia and New York. We offer free, confidential consultations to discuss the facts of your case, so contact us today. 803.252.4800.



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