Despite Outcry, Still No Actos Recall in Europe or the US

Actos Lawsuit

Although the trial against Takeda Pharmaceuticals, manufacturers of the controversial diabetes drug Actos, continues to heat up Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency have not issued recalls of the drug.

In 2011, citing strong evidence of Actos’s link to bladder cancer, as well as heart failure, France and Germany issued recalls.

Later in 2011, the lawsuits against Takeda Pharmaceuticals were consolidated into one suit, Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) 2299, in the US District Court of Louisiana (Lafayette). Judge Rebecca Doherty presides over the case.

The FDA did issue a stronger warning on Actos, called a black box warning. This is the strongest label a drug can receive from the FDA. The European Medicines Agency has not issued a similar warning, although their website lists some of the detrimental side effects of using the drug.

Actos Lawyers

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  1. […] “It would have been important to know that ACTOS would increase my risks of developing bladder cancer before I began taking it. I believe this class action is necessary to determine whether the manufacturer of this drug should be held responsible for not disclosing such important information to me,” Mr. Whyte stated. Actos was approved for use in Canada in August 2000. In 2010, a number of complaints against Actos were filed with the FDA, and studies began linking the drug to an increased risk not only of bladder cancer, but also of heart disease. In 2011, both France and Germany removed the drug from their markets, while the FDA issued strong warnings against using the drug. In the United States, Actos has not yet been recalled. […]

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