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Do You Get Money for Being Paralyzed?

If you have suffered paralysis due to an accident, workplace incident, or traffic collision, we recommend contacting the expert South Carolina spinal cord injury lawyers at Strom Law at your earliest convenience.

Paralysis is a major trauma and a life-changing injury. An accomplished legal team can advise on compensation and financial claims available to support your medical expenses, treatment plans, and adaptations.

How much can you get for a spine injury? Compensation claims vary considerably, depending on the severity of the injury and whether recovery is possible with extensive therapy. Our experienced lawyers can help you calculate and receive a fair settlement. 

Can I Claim Compensation for a Spinal Injury in Addition to Workers’ Compensation?

In South Carolina, most employers are legally required to carry insurance that covers workplace injuries and occupational conditions, including paralysis and spinal injuries. Theoretically, this coverage should provide financial assistance for the following:

  • Medical expenses and equipment
  • Lost income or employment
  • Living assistance and at-home healthcare
  • Purchasing an accessible vehicle
  • Modifying your home or buying a suitably modified property

However, paralysis is one of the most serious injury categories. It can profoundly impact your ability to work, earn an income, support your family;  it also may affect long-term mobility, including driving. Insurers will naturally attempt to reduce compensation as far as possible, so appointing a professional legal representative to advocate for your rights and entitlements is crucial to ensure you receive a reasonable settlement that fully recognizes your medical condition.

Common examples include disputes over whether a paralysis claim relates wholly to a work-related incident or attempting to downgrade a claim by indicating that it is linked to a pre-existing condition. Strom Law has years of expertise representing paralysis claimants–we will present a strong case backed by irrefutable medical evidence to maximize the benefits you receive and deserve.

Who Is Liable for a Paralysis Compensation Claim?

Every spinal injury, person, family, and incident is different. The first step is to ascertain all the relevant facts to determine who caused the accident or injury and where culpability lies.

There are multiple scenarios in which you are fully entitled to financial support, whether your paralysis is permanent or temporary, to ensure you have the means to cover comprehensive treatment plans, surgeries, medical assistance, in-home support, or life-long adaptations. Some scenarios where paralysis results in a clear compensation case include the following:

  • Serious collisions or road traffic accidents where another driver was at fault, or there was a safety failure, such as faulty signage
  • Medical negligence claims where a medical professional has used incorrect equipment or techniques and compromised their patient’s welfare or misdiagnosed an injury or condition resulting in paralysis
  • Workplace injury claims, where a lack of safety procedures, faulty equipment or vehicles, or a fall from height causes a spinal injury

If you have suffered a spinal cord injury or been involved in an accident or incident that has contributed to or caused paralysis, you may have a viable case to claim adequate compensation. Please get in touch with Strom Law at any time to discuss the potential legal action available to you or to define which parties may be liable.

Is There a Statute of Limitations on Paralysis Compensation Claims in South Carolina?

Statutes of limitations indicate the maximum time you have to initiate legal action against a responsible party. Still, these can differ depending on the nature of the claim, when it occurred, and under which circumstances.

For example, there are different regulations for workplace compensation claims than for a lawsuit related to medical negligence or malpractice. However, many compensation claims are filed sometime after an injury occurs. Even if it has been several months or years since your paralysis, it is well worth exploring the opportunities to secure financial support to gain closure and improve your quality of life.

The severity of a paralysis injury is also likely to make it challenging to seek legal representation or file a formal legal claim against the responsible party immediately, with many people requiring ongoing medical support, surgeries, and potentially lengthy hospital stays.

Taking legal action may feel like a big step. We are here to support you and navigate the claim process with you, providing the best advice about optimal routes to protect your rights and receive a reasonable financial settlement at any stage. 




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