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Does Car Insurance Cover Bicycle Accidents?

Bike accidents can be covered by various types of insurance, depending on the type of accident and the circumstances surrounding it. If you’ve recently been in a bike riding collision and were not at fault, the at-fault party is legally responsible for covering your medical care bills and property damage. If you’re the one who caused a bike accident, a renter’s policy or homeowners liability insurance might cover the damages and injuries to some extent. 


If you’re involved in an accident, we recommend getting in touch with a South Carolina bicycle accident attorney who has a firm grasp of bicycle injury law, such as those at Strom Law.

How to Get Covered for Bicycle Accidents

There are several ways you can get reimbursed by an insurance company after a bike accident. In the best-case scenario, you’ll have personal health insurance coverage. If this is not an option, you could also make a claim under a personal injury protection policy or through uninsured motorist coverage. 


Here are some of the most commonly used insurance programs that cover bicycle accidents:

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured motorist coverage is a great way to have medical costs and property damage covered when the driver responsible does not have insurance.


To make an uninsured motorist claim, you must follow the proper procedure and obtain a police report. This type of insurance is particularly beneficial in hit-and-run cases where it is impossible to identify the at-fault party. 

Auto Insurance

All drivers need to have auto insurance and personal injury protection so that minor accidents can be sorted out as smoothly as possible, and without the need for court intervention. 


This type of insurance calls for mediation, and it’s important for the victim to negotiate with the at-fault party to recover the total amount of the loss. 

Homeowners or Renters Insurance

In cases where you are at fault for the accident, homeowners or renters insurance can come in handy. It can help alleviate some of the financial burden resulting from an accident.

Health Insurance

Health insurance kicks in when someone requires medical attention as a result of an accident and covers an array of medical costs. The victim of an accident can later pursue legal action against the at-fault party to reimburse them for medical expenditures. 

Costs to Consider After a Bicycle Accident

In order to get appropriately compensated for any losses that result from a bike accident, it’s crucial to fully understand all the costs you can include in a claim. 


Medical expenses are the most common cost the result from these accidents, but they are not the only damages. Some other common damages include pain and suffering, lost wages, potential disability, permanent traumatic brain or spine injuries, and attorneys fees. 


When determining exactly how much a bike accident is going to cost, enlist the help of an attorney. Professional personal injury lawyers can help you calculate the full extent of your damages and fight to help you get the compensation you deserve. 

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

To ensure you are covered in a bike collision, there are several things you should keep in mind. Following the proper procedure will ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible and that you can get the compensation you need.


If you’ve just been in an accident, stop riding your bicycle to avoid hit-and-run charges. Driving or riding away from the scene after causing an accident comes with serious legal repercussions. Instead, call the police to file an accident report and get immediate medical attention if necessary. 


Try and record as much evidence as possible. Both parties can do this by jotting down crucial details about the accident while on scene and taking pictures and videos as further proof. Also, exchange contact details and insurance policy information with the other party so you can proceed with your claim if needed. 


See a doctor immediately after the accident. A complete medical checkup is recommended after any accident, even if there are no visible injuries. This is important because your lawyers will need medical evidence to make your case and determine how much money the victim should be compensated for medical bills. Sometimes, injuries do not physically show up right after an accident, so consulting a medical professional is vital.

In Summary

To decide whether to file a claim or not, determine liability–this is important for the accident to be resolved with anyone who suffered getting compensated. The at-fault party will also need to file a claim with their insurance. 


It is always recommended to consult a professional attorney, like those at Strom Law, to decide whether you should file a claim and learn what your rights are in such a scenario. 


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