Former Teacher’s Aide Charged with First Degree Murder in Overdose Deaths

Colorado Woman Charged with Accused of Giving Prescription Drugs and Causing Overdose Deaths

A woman from Arapahoe County in Colorado has been charged with the overdose death of a young man found in her bed. However, according to court reports and police investigations, the suspect is responsible for many overdoses, including four deaths, over the past five years.

Almeda “Ally” Sullivan, 50 years old, faces one first degree murder charge related to her business of selling prescription drugs illegally to young people. Sullivan has been under investigation in Colorado for the past five years, and is known to have been responsible for at least four overdose deaths, one of which occurred in her home.
However, no charges were filed in the other overdose deaths, and the statute of limitations is running out. Prosecutors say they will not seek legal options regarding the other deaths.

Sullivan is a former teacher’s aide in the Cherry Creek School District.

Investigators linked Sullivan to four overdose deaths since 2008 – Carter Higdon, 21; Sierra Cochran, 19; Lindsey Saidy, 28; and Martynas “Tez” Simanskas, 20. Two of the four deceased were found in Sullivan’s home, according to police reports.

Sullivan’s one current first degree murder charge is in the death of Carter Higdon, who died in Sullivan’s home in 2011.

During the investigation into the first three overdose deaths, investigators found that Sullivan sold over 20,000 illegally obtained prescription medications to young adults. She also showed them how to grind, then snort, the pills in order to bypass the time-release ingredients in the narcotics, and become immediately intoxicated.

One woman told detectives that Sullivan had about 50 overdoses in her home. On a number of occasions, Sullivan shoved pills into the mouths of people who were too high to stand.

The first three people who died because of Sullivan’s drug operation purchased Opana, a narcotic painkiller, from Sullivan.

In Higdon’s first degree murder case, Sullivan is accused of leaving the victim alone for five hours while he was asleep, until she checked on him and noticed he was cold and had foam around his mouth. Rather than immediately calling 911, Sullivan had a friend check on Higdon, then called his mother. Half an hour later, she finally called 911.

An affidavit says that, when she called dispatchers, she allegedly told them “I didn’t give him anything.”

Officers have many witnesses they have spoken to in the first degree murder case. Reportedly 17 people confessed that they knew Sullivan was selling drugs, and several of them purchased drugs from her. Several witnesses say they saw Sullivan selling drugs to students at Cherry Creek High School where she worked. Some of her customers were classmates of her children who went to other schools.

Sullivan has a long arrest record related to drugs, but no arrests yet related to overdose deaths or murder charges. She has been arrested several times on suspicion of drugs, and has a drug charge conviction dating back to 2005.

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