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Georgia Toddler Suffers Serious Third Degree Burn Injuries from Fryer

Young Georgia Boy Suffers Third Degree Burn Injuries Involving Fryer Incident

third degree burnThe 18-month-old son of a Georgia firefighter is recovering after suffering third degree burns from an oil-less turkey deep fryer in an accident last week.

The child’s father, Ron Burleson, works as a firefighter in Douglas County, GA. He had been cooking a chicken for a family meal on Tuesday, April 28th, in an oil-less turkey deep fryer. The deep fryer was, for safety reasons, in the back yard, and Burleson was reportedly using the item as safely as possible. However, deep fryers often reach very high temperatures, and can be dangerous to touch.

Burleson’s wife and two children – the young boy and an older sister – were at their grandfather’s house, but returned without Burleson knowing it. Burleson’s wife went inside for about 30 seconds – Burleson himself was also indoors – and while the parents were not present, the older girl opened the door to the backyard because she wanted to play with a toy tricycle. When she did so, the young boy also ran outside and reportedly gave the deep fryer a “bear hug” for only 4 or 5 seconds.

The boy suffered third degree burns on parts of his right arm, as well as his face and hands. The child was in the Grady Burn Center receiving treatment for his burn injuries for a few days, and was released on April 30th. However, the boy faces a lifetime of skin grafts, physical therapy, and possibly mobility issues due to the accidental burn injuries.

Although there are safety tips for using deep fryers, many safety experts agree that the devices can be dangerous and lead to serious burn injuries such as third degree burns. Even after taking precautions like removing any excess tidbits and fat from the bird, ensuring you use proper safety equipment like baskets and wire hooks to submerge the fowl, keeping an eye on children so they stay away from the deep fryer, and keeping a fire extinguisher nearby, burn injuries can still occur. Even on oil-less deep fryers, the outside of the container can become so hot that an accidental swipe of the hand can cause a burn that needs a skin graft.

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