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Halloween Safety Tips

The Strom Law Firm Wishes Everyone a Happy Halloween with These Safety Tips

shutterstock_157015301Halloween falls on a Friday this year, which means more Halloween parties, late nights, and people on the streets at all hours, as revelers take advantage of the extra days of rest following festivities.

The Strom Law Firm wishes everyone a Happy Halloween, but recommends caution on this night of scary pranks and trick-or-treating.

First, do not drink and drive! If you are an adult and plan to attend a Halloween party, either refrain from drinking, or arrange alternate transportation. Myrtle Beach, for one, has already started stepping up DUI enforcement on the Horry County roads to keep Halloween party goers safe. Drinking and driving can also lead to serious accidents, with lasting injuries and even death. Even if you have not been drinking, you should also be wary of erratic driving behavior from others, and report any suspected DUIs to law enforcement.

Drivers should drive slowly, and be very aware of pedestrians. Many families like to trick-or-treat, so sidewalks will be crowded, and you can expect that trick-or -treaters will attempt to cross the street against traffic. Additionally, many trick-or-treaters will wear dark costumes, which will make them more difficult to see in peripheral vision.

Trick-or-Treating is a Halloween tradition, but little monsters need their parent or guardian with them to help keep them safe.

Here are a few safety tips to keep children safe while they trick-or-treat:

  • Make sure your child’s costume fit well and does not hinder his/her ability to see. If a mask or hat prevents your child from seeing clearly, it will be more difficult to safely cross the street.
  • Carry a flashlight or wear glowing costume pieces to make you and your child more visible to drivers.
  • Always accompany children 12 or younger on trick-or-treating adventures. Make sure they cross the street safely, do not talk to suspicious strangers, or go up to houses that look dangerous.
  • Stay in neighborhoods that are familiar and comfortable. Only approach well-lit homes. Homes with their porch lights off traditionally do not have candy anyway.
  • Throw away unwrapped food or candies, and make sure the wrappers are familiar and factory-produced.
  • Teach children to say “no” to strangers that approach them alone, and report any suspicious behavior to their parent, guardian, or nearby law enforcement officer.
  • Teach children also to cross the street only at cross-walks, after looking both ways. Never cross unlit streets, between cars, or against the light.
  • Go in groups as much as possible.
  • If driving children between neighborhoods to trick-or-treat, make sure everyone in the car is buckled up.
  • Be careful around candles, especially when wearing costumes that involve draped material, capes, or other dangling pieces that might get caught or catch fire.

But most importantly, have fun! Halloween is the one day out of the year when kids can be whoever they want and eat enormous amounts of teeth-rotting candy.

The Strom Law Firm Wishes Everyone a Happy, Scary, and Safe Halloween!

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