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Helmet Sensors to Fight Concussions for the Army

BAE Systems has provided new helmet sensors that can detect the severity of head movements and concussions to both the US Army and the NFL.

Concussion Sensors

Helmet Sensors to Fight Concussions for the ArmyThe Army has ordered thousands of the sensors which can be used to measure impacts during combat-related explosions and blasts.  The sensors are called Headborne Energy Analysis and Diagnostic Systems (HEADS) and are changing the way the army deals with concussions.  An immense amount of data can be recorded, stored, and analyzed to understand the effects of explosions and head injuries on soldiers.

A new $17 million contract has brought the second generation of HEADS sensors into the hands of the Army, or will when they are delivered by January, 2013.  This will add 20,000 new sensors to the 7,600 that are currently in use by the Army.  With this extra money, the current BAE contract is worth about $34 million.

The Army’s TBI Problem

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been plagued with Traumatic Brain Injuries for soldiers; it is one of the most common injuries faced by soldiers in the field.  The hope is that these sensors will help the Army better understand what kinds of circumstances lead to concussions and help them develop better protective equipment.  It will also help them get medical treatment to injured soldiers more quickly.

The sensor is placed inside the helmet, beneath the crown suspension pad, and sends wireless data to the Army and medics who can continuously measure what’s happening beneath the helmet.  The helmet measures things like acceleration, torque, number of blasts, pressure of blasts, temperature, and how long an impact lasts.

Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys

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