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High School Students Face Criminal Charges for Bullying

Eight High School Students Face Assault Charges Related to SC Bullying Incident

BullyingEight students from Socastee High School in South Carolina were suspended, taken into custody on Wednesday, December 3rd, and now face assault charges related to a serious bullying incident that they filmed.

The students, who range in age from 17 to 19, attended Socastee High School in the Horry County School District. The students are all being held at the jail pending bond hearings.

The bullying incident occurred on November 20th, around 12:30 PM, according to police. Video of the bullying attack was taken on a student’s cell phone, and the phone was seized by police as evidence.

The 14 year old victim remains unnamed because he is a minor. The video shows the victim walking up to a group of students, and one suspect is heard on the video saying “This is going to be funny.”

“And then when he walks over, a full trash can was placed over [the victim’s] head and the suspects begin to push the victim around while joking and laughing at him.” One suspect held the garbage can in place so the others could punch and kick the victim. The victim eventually escaped the garbage can and walked away, but reportedly still suffers bruised ribs and headaches from the bullying incident. The victim was emotionally traumatized as well, and had to withdraw from Socastee High School because he “could not attend the same school as the suspects.”

Socastee High School reportedly has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, and will set up suspension hearings for the students.

“We have anti-bullying assemblies and we have speakers in who are anti-bullying and we send a current message all through the year,” said Paul Browning, the school’s principal.

“I think the fear factor gets into it because kids make choices about whether they bully or not and if they see that people are being punished for it and people are being sanctioned for it, they will hesitate to do it,” he added.

SC Bullying Victim Lawsuits

Many parents, students, school administrators, and teachers used to see bullying as a normal part of school life. However, with the growing concern about violence in schools, severe personal injury related to hazing at colleges, and gun crimes among juveniles on the rise, attitudes are beginning to change about the nature of bullying.

Statistics indicate that nearly 20% of students in the United States report they have been a victim of bullying in school.  Shockingly, teachers reportedly only intervene in 4% of bullying incidents.

The Safe and Responsible Schools Project states:

“A student is being bullied or victimized when exposed, repeatedly over time, to intentional injury or discomfort inflicted by one or more other students.

This may include:

  • physical contact,
  • verbal assault,
  • making obscene gestures or facial expressions, and
  • being intentionally excluded.

Bullying implies an imbalance in power or strength in which one child is victimized by others.”

The Strom Law Firm Can Help with Personal Injury Cases for Bullying Victims

Lawsuits against bullying are increasing in the United States. Parents are doing their best to hold schools accountable for their children’s safety. It is important to take steps to resolve the issue to the best of your ability, but if your child has been bullied and you think school officials are not listening to your or taking your claims seriously, you may need to consider alternative action. Please contact the experienced lawyers at Strom Law, LLC, today. We offer free consultations to discuss the details of your case. 803.252.4800.



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