How to Find a Civil Rights Attorney

As a victim of racial, sexual, religious or other form of discrimination, you are entitled to file a civil rights lawsuit against the violators. However, it’s important to hire a qualified and experienced civil rights attorney for your case instead of representing yourself in court. Even practicing lawyers prefer to hire lawyers to represent them because an independent attorney brings an element of neutrality and doesn’t have an emotional attachment to the case that might cloud their judgment.

However, not every attorney for civil rights is able to give you the best outcome, which is why you must scrutinize the lawyers you wish to hire for your case before you sign a contract with anyone. You should also ensure that they have the required professional and ethical qualities and qualifications to represent you.

Types of Cases Handled by a Civil Rights Lawyer

A civil rights lawyer handles cases in which a person or group believes their basic human rights have been violated. For instance, if you’ve been discriminated against based on your race, gender, religion, or disability, you can hire an attorney to file a civil rights lawsuit against the person, company, or group responsible.  

Today, many civil rights cases in the United States involve police officers who conduct arbitrary or unnecessarily violent arrests or unlawful searches and seizures. If you are a victim of abuse by law enforcement officers, you should hire the best civil rights attorney possible to file a lawsuit against the officers and represent you in court. Fortunately, you can find a qualified and experienced civil rights attorney for police misconduct from a reputable law firm like Strom Law.

You’ll also need a civil rights lawyer to file a lawsuit against a person or organization that violates your rights to privacy, employment, housing, or education. For example, if your child is discriminated against by their teachers or other students, you can hire a civil rights lawyer to pursue justice for them. In short, a civil rights lawyer is necessary when you feel that the basic human rights of you or a loved one have been violated.

How to Find a Good Civil Rights Attorney

As noted above, not everyone who refers to themselves as a civil rights attorney can get you the best outcome in a civil rights case. Finding the right attorney will significantly improve your chances of getting the outcome you desire. Here are some important tips on how to find the best civil rights lawyer possible:


Like any other profession, it’s important to have a qualified and experienced individual familiar with the law to argue your case. Therefore, your civil rights lawyer should have successfully handled similar cases in the past. Although an associate lawyer can represent you in court and argue your case, they may lack the hands-on knowledge and experience that only comes from practice. The chances of losing a case are lower if you have an experienced attorney who has handled similar cases many times before.

Communication Skills

A lawyer presents facts and argues them effectively in front of a judge and jury. Therefore, the lawyer needs to have excellent communication skills. You also need to find an attorney who can explain complex legal facts and jargon in a simple and understandable way that you and the jury can understand.

Due to the intimate nature of civil rights cases, communication skills are very important. A good attorney should be able to explain the merits and risks of your case without causing you further emotional distress.


Civil rights cases often involve intimate and personal details that can be quite sensitive. Therefore, you should pick a reliable attorney who can be trusted with sensitive information–anything you share with your attorney for purposes of supporting your case is protected by the attorney-client privilege.


A good civil rights attorney should be able to evaluate your case realistically and provide you with accurate facts about your chances of having a successful case. It is the attorney’s job to help you understand the best course of action to take for the best outcome; the attorney should be courageous and honest enough to give you a realistic opinion on how you should move forward with your civil rights case.

Once you’ve done proper, extensive research and found a reputable, reliable, and experienced civil rights attorney, such as those at Strom Law, you’ll have the best chance of getting the justice you deserve in your civil rights case–no matter how complicated it may be.




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