IKEA Issues Product Recall for Baby Bed Canopies

IKEA Product Recall Covers Nearly 3 Million Baby Bed Canopies Due to Strangulation Fears

IKEA has issued a massive, world-wide product recall for 2.8 million baby bed canopies, some of which were purchased nearly 18 years ago, due to reports of a potential strangulation hazard.

The Swedish company took action on Friday, March 21st, after receiving reports that children were becoming entangled in the canopies, which could potentially lead to a choking hazard. However, the company did not say why the product recall spanned decades, going back to products sold in 1996, or why the product recall may have taken so long to issue.

“We have had some reports of young children getting entangled in these canopies,” an IKEA spokeswoman said, noting that some children had sustained minor injuries. “However there is no child that has had permanent injuries … and as a safety measure we are recalling the products.”

“We apologise for any possible inconvenience this may cause, but safety is always the highest priority for Ikea,” the company added in a statement listing eight different canopy models. Models affected by the product recall are Legendarisk, Minnen bed canopy set, Barnslig Boll, Minnen Brodyr, Himmel, Fabler, Tissla and Klammig.

Federal officials say that there are 9 reports worldwide of children becoming entangled in the canopies, including one instance of a 7-month-old US girl who pulled the fabric into her crib and managed to wrap it around her neck several times.

Consumers can return the IKEA canopies to their local store for a full refund.

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