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Lexington Dog Used as Bait in Pit Bull Fighting

Pets Inc. says they are working to help a pit bull that they believe was used as bait as part of a dog fighting ring.

The male dog was found recently by a Gaston Woman who took him to their agency.

The group believes the animal was used as a bait dog. That means the helpless animal was placed in front of other dogs to train and entice them to fight.

Employees say when they opened the pet’s mouth, they saw its teeth had either been sawed or broken off. They also said the animal had a ring of broken hair around its neck, which indicates it struggled against a chain.

Pet’s Inc. says they have found other animals in the same condition in Gaston, and are urging people with information to come foward.

The Humane Society offers a $5,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction in dogfighting.

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