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Mayo Clinic gives baseline concussion evals to Arizona student athletes

Mayo Clinic gives baseline concussion evaluations to Arizona student athletesIn the first year of the program, 40,000 high school student athletes in Arizona have gotten free concussion evaluations from the Mayo Clinic.  These baseline concussion evaluations are mandatory for professional and college athletes and the Mayo Clinic is now covering the cost of these evaluations for every high schooler in the state.  These evaluations give doctors a baseline to compare to if a player ever receives a traumatic brain injury.

The test is called the Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool and it is a 15 minute questionnaire that can be taken anywhere with an internet connection.

Concussions have been in focus lately thanks to a long list of lawsuits from former NFL players against the NFL for hiding the dangers of traumatic brain injury.  Part of the problem however is that diagnosis is difficult and doctors aren’t always sure the appropriate treatment — these baseline assessments help them do that.  It is important to correctly diagnose a concussion because repeat concussions before the prior one heals are more likely to lead to permanent neurological damage.

The good news is that high schools are taking this seriously and being proactive about protecting student athletes.  The 40,000 tested in Arizona represent 40% of the state’s student athletes.  The concussion testing was begun after the passage of a bill that requires all high school students with concussions to be ineligible to play until they’ve been cleared by a licensed health professional.

The Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool is a test that can be taken from any computer with Web access. It takes about 8-15 minutes to complete. Athletes and/or parents can elect to share the results with their health care provider.

To request an access code from Mayo Clinic to take the test, email [email protected]

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