Myrtle Beach Man Expects Too Much Christmas Charity, Arrested on Fraud Charges

SC Man Receives Fraud Charges Because He Refused to Pay Cab Fare

A man was arrested early Christmas Day because he refused to pay his cab fare.

43-year-old William Mayo hailed a cab, run by Anchor Taxi, early on Tuesday morning, telling the driver he just wanted to ride for awhile. He had no specific destination. When he told the driver to stop, his fare was $11, but he only paid $2.

When Mayo refused to pay the rest of the fare, the cab driver flagged down a police officer. The officer asked Mayo why he refused to pay the fare, to which Mayo replied, “It’s Christmas.”

Officers arrested Mayo on fraud charges – specifically fraud of a taxi cab. Reports also indicate that Mayo smelled of alcohol. He was booked into Myrtle Beach Jail shortly after midnight.

Fraud Charges in South Carolina

While “fraud of a taxi cab” is a very specific charge, fraud charges in South Carolina can be serious and punishment is harsh. Common fraud charges in South Carolina are Medicaid fraud, Financial Identity fraud, and Unemployment Insurance fraud. However, any kind of fraud involves deceiving the injured party in order to receive benefits of some kind, like money or services.

The Strom Law Firm Can Help with South Carolina Fraud Charges

Fraud charges can have serious repercussions, especially in South Carolina
Fraud charges can have serious repercussions, especially in South Carolina

The Strom Law Firm, LLC, has handled numerous fraud charges involving all types of fraud both in Federal and State Court. Common fraud allegations include:

  • making a false statement to a loan officer or bank official
  • mail fraud, defined as using the US Postal System to commit fraud
  • deceiving a bank
  • falsifying loan documents
  • check fraud
  • forging check signatures
  • ATM fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Fraudulent insurance claims
  • Bond issuances and investment schemes
  • Falsifying loan applications
  • Check fraud schemes
  • Bribes or kickbacks

§  False advertising or misrepresentation in sales transactions
Our firm provides extensive experience representing clients in major criminal cases and investigations involving wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud, and RICO violations. While we strive to resolve matters discreetly through aggressive negotiation, our fraud attorneys will not hesitate to take your case to trial.

The Strom Law Firm, LLC has the experience that you need to defend your wire fraud charge.  Founded by former U.S. Attorney and assistant solicitor, Pete Strom, our experienced criminal defense attorneys include a former public defender, and a former Assistant Attorney General and Richland County Assistant Solicitor, as well as a tax lawyer familiar with IRS investigations.  Our experience and familiarity with prosecutorial techniques provide the basis for experienced and effective legal representation. We will fight hard to have your charges reduced, or even dismissed.

Do not let state or federal criminal charges, including fraud charges, prevent you from pursuing professional or educational opportunities. Just because you have been charged does not automatically mean that you are guilty. The attorneys at the Strom Law Firm can help defend against fraud charges and other criminal charges in South Carolina. We are also licensed in Georgia and New York. We offer free, confidential consultations to discuss the facts of your case, so do not hesitate to contact us. 803.252.4800.



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