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NFL Concussion Statistics

The Concussion Blog

NFL Concussion StatisticsThe Concussion Blog is run by an athletic trainer in Illinois who keeps track of the number of head injuries players in the NFL sustain over the course of the year.

The NFL doesn’t provide these statistics, he has to go through many sources to try to collate them into one place.  This is for the Regular Season in 2010.

Regular Season Concussions

There were 159 total concussions over the course of the regular season, which works out to just over 9 a week and a 50/50 chance of an athlete getting one in any given game.  3 out of every twenty players on the field had a concussion or head injury and one in ten from the entire team, playing or not, had one.

The numbers were slightly higher if you include from Training Camp, there were 167 total since then.

How Did Teams Do?

Tampa Bay did the best with zero reported head injuries in 2010, followed by just one for San Diego, and two for both Houston and Buffalo.  The bad news it that every other team had three or more concussions over the course of the season.

Standing out at absolute worst was Carolina with ten reported head injuries, followed closely by an 8-way tie  between Baltimore, Seattle, Minnesota, Detroit, Oakland, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and St. Louis.

Which position is most dangerous?

Defense and Offense actually split the risk of concussions fairly equally.  Wide Receivers topped the list of head injuries on offense, with 28, followed by Tight Ends and Offensive Linemen at 15 each.  For Defense, Defensive Backs led with 44, Linebackers with 25.

Obviously some positions are more dangerous than others, if the NFL is looking to protect players, it seems like Defensive Backs and Wide Receivers are the place to start.

NFL Concussion Lawyers

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