NFL Concussions: The sky changes colors

Some 2,000 veteran NFL players are suing the NFL for their alleged negligence and spreading misinformation about the dangers of concussions.  Even those who are not involved in the NFL concussion lawsuits, however, have things to say about the kind of injuries they’ve sustained on the field.

Priest Holmes on NFL Concussions

American Football Player

Retired running back for the Ravens, Preist Holmes, is not part of the class action lawsuits, but he recently spoke with to tell them about the effects he suffered while playing for the NFL.  The head injuries don’t just make you dizzy and cause memory loss, they can change the way your brain works.  For him they gave him what he calls “buzzies” and makes him feel like he’s on another planet.  Perhaps most interestingly, the sky changes colors.

“This color obviously isn’t going to be blue. It can be a color that can be orange. It can be red. The sky could turn green,” Holmes said.

Though he isn’t participating in the lawsuits, he says he shares many of the same lasting effects and injuries from repeated concussions that his former colleagues are struggling with.  He has difficulty getting out of bed in the morning and suffers debilitating headaches.

That wasn’t the only effect of those hits. Holmes, who played for the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs from 1997 through 2005 (with a brief attempt at a comeback in 2007) and led the NFL in rushing with 1,555 yards in 2001, said that he feels many of the complaints shared by his former colleagues.

NFL responsibility

The NFL is accused of hiding information from the players, forcing them to go back on the field when still injured, and not explaining the risks they knew about.  Ex-players complain that they are not being taken care of.  The NFL, of course, denies this, but the lasting effects on so many players who all were not given sufficient warnings about the dangers of traumatic brain injuries makes them hard to take seriously.

NFL Concussion Lawyers

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