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Ongoing Drug Trafficking Bust Leads to 9 Arrests

Bethune Drug Trafficking Bust Lands 9 People in Jail with Criminal Charges

drug trafficking bustThe Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office began a drug trafficking bust of a drug trafficking ring in the small town of Bethune, SC – home to a serious drug problem that the police are now attempting to overcome.

Reportedly, 9 suspects have been arrested and charged with drug trafficking crimes. The investigation and arrests are ongoing.

Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews says that the drug ring has operated “virtually unimpeded” in Bethune for years. Last year, a “simple traffic stop” began a lengthy criminal investigation into drug trafficking in the area, and has now landed 9 suspects in jail, with more to come.

“Drug dealers have a negative effect on the town,” Don Witham, a Bethune resident, said. “You have constituents complaining about things going on late at night, noise, and parties … Our local policemen, in connection with the sheriff’s office, have been making efforts to clean it up. I think it will have a significant impact. I’m hoping if there’s others left they may start looking for other ground that’s not here.”

Drug trafficking charges against the suspects include possession and distribution of crack cocaine, marijuana, and controlled substances (often prescription drugs), including two charges of distribution near a park.

The drug trafficking investigation began back in November, according to Matthews. Officers were able to go undercover and buy crack, marijuana, and prescription pills off numerous drug dealers in the area, giving them lots of evidence of drug trafficking, possession, and distribution.

“This was done properly. I think everything is videotaped and audio taped. The last nail was hammered into the coffins for these guys, so we’re happy to get them out of circulation at least until they get released on bond, which they will,” Matthews said.

Drug Trafficking Charges in South Carolina

South Carolina takes drug charges, including possession, distribution, and trafficking very seriously, and has harsh penalties. With marijuana use becoming legal in several states, and prescription painkillers becoming more strictly regulated, you could face charges of drug trafficking at the state or federal level as well as lengthy prison time.

The Strom Law Firm Helps Suspects Charged with Drug Trafficking

If you face drug trafficking charges, you may feel like you are automatically guilty. However, you still have rights in the court room. The South Carolina state and federal drug trafficking charges defense attorneys can help. We offer one free case evaluation to discuss your criminal charges, so contact us today for help. 803.252.4800



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