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Study: SC Tenth Worst Driving State

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It’s a question that everyone asks, yet no one knows the answer: which state has the worst drivers?

While you may think your state has the worst drivers in the nation based upon what you see on the roads on a daily basis,  you may be surprised where your state actually ranks.

A new study gives us some insight.  The study from Car Insurance Comparison compiled data from three sources: the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (driving fatalities), the American Motorists Association (which states hand out the most tickets), and MADD (drunk drivers).

The company converted the data obtained into rankings: the higher the ranking, the worse the drivers in the state are perceived. For example, the state whose drivers received the highest number of tickets was Florida; Florida received a 50 on the scale.

The numbers were then added up to provide each state a score; the higher the score, the worse the drivers. Not surprisingly, drivers in these states usually have higher state car insurance rates when compared to other states. Where your state ranks may surprise you.

South Carolina was ranked as having the 10th worst drivers in the United States.

#10) South Carolina

The study claimed South Carolinians are not careless drivers.  Actually, according to the study, they’re the third most careful drivers in the Union.

However, that careful driving does not apply to stop signs or turn signals.  SC drivers scored a miserable 45 for obeying the signs on the road. The state pulled a concerning score of 48 for its fatality rankings, earning South Carolina the ranking  of having the 10th worst drivers in the nation.

#9) Alabama

Another Southeastern state, Alabama came in at number 9. Alabama residents are pretty careful too, but not careful enough.  Drivers scored a 41 in disobeying traffic laws, a score 46 for tickets, and awful 42 for fatalities.

#4) Florida

The last Southeastern state in the top ten was Florida.  One notable aspect is that it ranked in the top ten (number 7) for drunk driving. Unfortunately, the state ranks at the very bottom for tickets, and one away from the bottom slot for carelessness.

Click here to see the full rankings.

By:South Carolina Accident and Personal Injury Attorney Pete Strom



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