Suspect Arrested After Link to Kidnapping of Missing Teen


Suspect To Be Transported to Richland County for Prosecution in Kidnapping Case

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott has obtained a writ to transport Freddie Grant, the only suspect in the kidnapping of 15-year-old Gabrielle Swainson last August, to the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center for a bond hearing on Friday, February 8th.

Grant is currently in prison in Lexington County after being arrested last month for possession of ammunition. As a convicted felon, Grant was not legally allowed to possess ammunition.

Investigators initially visited Grant’s home because he was a suspect in Gabrielle Swainson’s kidnapping. Grant used to date Swainson’s mother. Officers found some of Gabrielle Swainson’s hair in Grant’s home, in Elgin, SC, and also some of her blood on duct tape near his property.

However, they also found ammunition in his home. He was arrested on the ammunition charge and sent back to jail.

After his bond hearing in Richland County, Grant will return to Lexington.

Sheriff Lott has stated repeatedly that he believes Grant took Gabrielle Swainson from her home last August. The physical evidence currently links Grant to the crime.

Lott also stated that obtaining the writ for transport was one more step in the on-going investigation into Gabrielle Swainson’s kidnapping. There is also a continuing search for her, as she has not yet been found.

If Grant is found guilty, the kidnapping charge could send him to federal prison for life.

Social Networking Could Help Find Kidnapping Victim

Law enforcement does not believe Gabbiee ran away. Friends and family state Gabbiee was a good student. She was studying guitar and voice, and she enjoyed going to church with her mother, Elvia. She also recently joined the Ridge View junior varsity cheerleading squad.

Gabbiee’s mother remains hopeful, and vocal, when it comes to finding her daughter. Ms. Swainson states she left her house that Saturday night to finish some work at her nearby office. When Ms. Swainson returned around 7 a.m. she heard Gabbiee’s alarm going off. Ms. Swainson realized Gabbiee disappeared when she entered her bedroom to turn off the alarm. Ms. Swainson found all of Gabbiee’s belongings in Gabbiee’s room, except for her iPhone. Law enforcement has declined to comment on what if any information police have received from her iPhone.

The girl was last officially seen in her home in Columbia on August 18th, at about 3:30 AM.

If you have any information about Gabrielle Swainson, contact Crimestoppers immediately at Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC. To help continue the search, you can get in on the Twitter conversation with Twitter hashtag #FindGabbiee.

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