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Testosterone Therapy Not Linked to Prostate Cancer

Testosterone Therapy Does Not Lead to Prostate Cancer, Could Still Cause Cardiovascular Problems

testosterone therapyTestosterone therapy has recently been under a storm of controversy.  Reports of older men prescribed gels, pills, or creams to help treat symptoms of “low T” like fatigue or low sexual performance, have been received by the FDA and testosterone therapy manufacturers.  These reports content that patients are suffering heart arrhythmia, strokes, heart attacks, and some vascular problems after taking the drug.

Since these reports became public, some patients have filed lawsuits against testosterone therapy manufacturers for personal injury related to side effects, and many health care advocates have criticized the pharmaceutical companies behind testosterone therapy for inventing a disease called “low T,” or low testosterone, in order to sell more of these hormonal therapies. The Food and Drug Administration has approved some forms of testosterone therapy, but mainly for life-long low testosterone medical conditions like hypogonadism.

As personal injury lawsuits against testosterone therapy manufacturers mount, more side effects are being reported, and some patients are concerned that the treatments could lead to other problems like prostate cancer. Although several studies of patients have shown that there could be a link between testosterone therapy and cardiovascular problems, especially in older men, the cancer study shows that there is no link between testosterone therapy and prostate cancer.

The study, conducted in Germany, investigated long-term side effects from testosterone therapy to treat hypogonadism and other chronic hormonal issues.

“Although considerable evidence exists indicating no relationship between testosterone and increased risk of developing prostate cancer, decades of physician training with the notion that testosterone is fuel for prostate cancer made it difficult to dispel such fallacy and the myth continued to persist,” said Dr. Ahmad Haider, MD, PhD, a urologist at Bremerhaven who led the study. “Nevertheless, in the absence of long-term follow-up data demonstrating reduced risk of prostate cancer in hypogonadal men who are receiving testosterone therapy, considerable skepticism remains throughout the medical community and this is an expected natural and acceptable path of medical and scientific discourse.”

Hypogonadism is a hormonal disease in which either or both of the testes stop producing either sperm or testosterone. The abnormality develops from problems with the testes, the pituitary gland, and/or the hypothalamus.

The study concluded that testosterone therapy is safe for use in hypogonadal men.  Despite this specific restriction, US manufacturers have focused on an older male market in the United States. Purported symptoms of “low T” are actually normal symptoms of aging, such as tiredness and low sexual performance or desire. Still, pharmaceutical companies are trying to maintain the treatment’s popularity, despite the risk of cardiovascular disease to their target market.

For example, the New England Journal of Medicine, whose readership is primarily physicians, sometimes publishes a hypothetical case to ask questions about medicines and diagnoses of its readers. Recently, the journal published a test case about a hypothetical 61 year old man who had symptoms of low T. Many physicians suggested that, in light of recent studies, the man should not be prescribed testosterone therapy. However, a group of physicians listed as The Androgen Group tried to turn the question into a popularity contest by sending out an email: “This is a common, straightforward case where there is a good likelihood of symptomatic improvement with testosterone therapy. Yet at this point, the voting and the majority of comments are against testosterone therapy in this case. We urge you to read the article and then vote on line.”

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