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The Strom Law Firm is now accepting attorney referrals for Transvaginal Mesh Patients.

We enjoy mutually beneficial attorney referrals and relationships with a number of law firms in the South Carolina area as well as nationwide.

Whether you are in state, or out of state and looking for local representation for a client injured in either South Carolina or Georgia, we are happy to accept attorney referrals and to be of assistance to you by pursuing a lawsuit or by serving as local counsel.

This year, the Food and Drug Administration issued a public notice to doctors and Transvaginal Mesh (TVM) patients after 2,875 injuries were reported between 2008 and 2010.

Transvaginal Mesh is a mesh support that repairs a common type of pelvic organ prolapse, which occurs when pelvic organs fall out of place, by stitching the connective tissue in the vaginal wall muscle back together.

The reported complications include transvaginal mesh devices from NINE different manufacturers.

TVM has been linked to many side effects such as infection, pain, urinary problems and bowel, bladder, or blood-vessel perforations. Some patients have also reported recurrences of the prolapse and the need for more surgeries to attempt to remove surgical mesh that had eroded into the vagina

The dangerous side effects surfaced two years ago when a clinical trial was stopped early after 15 % of the women implanted with the mesh suffered vaginal mesh erosion within a period of only three months.

By: South Carolina personal injury lawyer Pete Strom



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