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Unexpected Costs of a DUI

DUI conviction comes with a high price. Even beyond the social consequences, potential jail time, and fines associated with a DUI conviction, there are often unforeseen costs that can affect your life even long after your initial court date. Some of the potentially unforeseen consequences of DUI cost include:


  • Loss of driving privileges

After a DUI Conviction, your driver’s license will be suspended for at least six months. After any subsequent offenses, license suspensions last longer (one year, then two years) until the license is finally revoked after the fourth DUI offense. Suspended licenses can be reinstated, usually with certain restrictions including route restrictions, an SR-22 Insurance certificate, and a reinstatement fee ($100), the Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP), or an Ignition Interlock Device (IID). Each of these programs includes a different cost and any or all of these consequences may be applied.

  • Loss of Employment

      • A DUI can cost you employment. Potential employers may be less likely to hire a candidate with a DUI on his/her record. Further, any careers that require you to drive- delivery, food service, or jobs without available public transportation – may be out of reach.


  • Higher Insurance Costs

      • After a DUI, an SR-22 is filed for the state to verify that you have insurance. This requirement is often a red-flag for insurance companies, who generally raise insurance premiums for those who have been involved in DUI cases. These insurance costs are a long-term consequence of DUI, because the increased premiums can last for years.


  • Legal Fees

      • Anyone charged with a DUI should work with a lawyer to defend their rights. Attorneys fees are sometimes unforeseen, but should be an expected cost of defending yourself against a DUI from the initial arrest all the way through any relevant appeals.
  • Ignition Interlock Device

      • One potential consequence of DUI is an IID requirement in your vehicle. An IID is a device used to measure your blood-alcohol content before allowing you to start your car, thus disallowing anyone with a certain amount of alcohol in their system from driving. These devices are expensive and are paid for out-of-pocket by the offender, creating a financial cost. Additionally, there may be a social cost of having an IID installed in your automobile.
  • Probation

      • After being convicted of DUI, you may face some amount of time under probation to prevent recurring offenses and to promote rehabilitation. Probation will require you to check in at a regular interval with a probation officer and may preclude you from leaving the state or a particular region.


  • Medical treatment for injuries suffered

    • DUI often incurs medical treatment and the associated costs, as well as the costs of medical treatment for anyone else affected by the DUI.



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