Vintage Wine Bottles Filled With Supermarket Wine

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A French trading company is accused of scamming wine connoisseurs out of several hundred million dollars worth of wine.

Labouré-Roi is accused of taking bottles of Nuits St George and topping them with cheap supermarket wine. The scam occurred between 2005 and 2009 with two million bottles of wine being affected. Consumers thought they were buying Nuit St George vintage wines that were chateau-produced and, in some instances, prize-winning. Some of the bottles affected were individually numbered.

Labouré-Roi , established in 1832, is the Burgundy region’s third biggest wine company, selling wine globally. The company exports wine to 30 countries including the US and Great Britain.

The wine used to top the bottles was cheaper wine from the south for France containing high alcohol content and is readily available in supermarkets, according to police. Two brothers, both executives of Labouré-Roi were arrested, but later released and never charged. The brothers, Armand, 82, and Louis Cottin, 83, were arrested alongside a wine taster and company administrator after a police sting.

Nuit St George was not aware of the scam. Company executives from Labouré-Roi are just hoping to move past this ordeal. The management has taken responsibility of the situation. They are hoping to move on and save the jobs of the company’s 70 employees.

South Carolina Fraud Attorneys

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