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When to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you believe you have been injured or suffered any other consequences due to negligence or wrongdoing on the part of another person or organization, contacting a South Carolina personal injury lawyer should be the first thing you do.

While it is always worth figuring out how to hire a personal injury lawyer with the right skills and experience to pursue your case, you can also verify the accreditations and status of any prospective personal injury attorney through the South Carolina Bar Association.

However, don’t dawdle. Timing is important and can influence the outcome of your personal injury case.

What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

Personal injury lawyers work to secure financial compensation and other reparations owed to you as a result of damage, injuries, medical conditions, or other issues you incurred from a situation that was not your fault or where liability lies with a third party.

As legal representatives, our role at Strom Law is to listen, understand your objectives, and recommend the right strategies to achieve your desired outcomes.

Can you fire your personal injury lawyer if you’re not confident in their abilities? Absolutely. In fact, you can fire and change attorneys at any time and for any reason.

That said, it is important to select a personal injury lawyer you trust to manage your case effectively from day one to avoid increased costs and time required to bring a new attorney up to speed with your case details.

You may also hire a personal injury lawyer when you feel that you have a valid claim, but believe that the settlement offered by an insurance provider is low or based on false pretenses.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Some personal injury cases can be concluded without legal representation. The risk is that your lack of legal knowledge or understanding of the underlying law and correct legal process for handling injury claims could be detrimental.

Every injury claim relies on your legal rights to claim compensation or reparations. Incorrect application of legal statutes, procedures, or negotiation techniques will work against you.

Each personal injury case is unique. An experienced lawyer will be happy to offer insights to help you ascertain whether legal representation is necessary to pursue a fair compensation settlement. They can also guide you as to if and when to escalate the matter to a court-based lawsuit if the initial outcomes are not to your satisfaction.

When Is a Personal Injury Lawyer Essential?

There are times when a capable personal injury attorney is the only viable option if you want the case brought to a favorable conclusion. These include when:

  • Liability of an accident or injury is disputed: The legal system relies on evidence, factual documentation, witness statements, and other corroborating proof to determine responsibility and liability for damages or other injuries. An attorney is integral to this investigatory and reporting process.
  • Claims that you are at least partially responsible for the harm: When another party accepts limited liability but states that you are culpable for your part, a lawyer is important to defend your interests. 
  • Multiple claimants or parties are involved: Larger cases, including those relating to construction incidents, product liability claims, widespread medical malpractice, or multi-vehicle collisions, can be complex. Legal representation is strongly advised in these situations to protect and represent your rights to compensation.

There are plenty of situations that might make contacting a personal injury lawyer, such as the severity and longevity of injuries or conditions caused by an accident or behavior of another person or entity.

For example, if you sustained a permanent disability, mobility impairment, or traumatic injury, establishing liability is often more involved and requires a significant level of investigative research to ensure your entitlement to fair and full compensation is upheld.

Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help in an Insurance Dispute?

One of the common reasons claimants hire a personal injury lawyer is when they believe an insurance provider is acting in bad faith or is deliberately failing to engage in negotiations over suitable compensation for damages or injuries.

Large insurance companies can be challenging to negotiate with. Still, it is within your legal right to demand a negotiation where there is clear evidence of fault, negligence, or other liability.

In Summary

In any of these scenarios, a personal injury lawyer can provide assurances, confidential and professional advice, and independent support to ensure you select the most viable and equitable routes to protect your interests. Your lawyer will pursue your case to the full extent of the legal system.



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