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When to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

The belief that only the guilty need to hire a criminal defense attorney is a common misconception that continues to land many people in jail. Sometimes, you need to hire a lawyer to defend you against accusations of a crime you did not commit. 

Many people are reluctant to hire a good criminal defense attorney because of the high-cost implications. Hiring a competent criminal defense lawyer will cost you a considerable amount of money, but there are ways to mitigate the expense, such as negotiating with your South Carolina criminal defense attorney for a more favorable rate.

Look at the circumstances for which criminal defense attorney fees are tax-deductible to see if you can include attorney’s fees in your tax filing. 

Reasons Why You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

The main reason you may need a criminal defense lawyer is you’re facing serious criminal charges. No matter the seriousness of the criminal charges you’re facing, you need a qualified and experienced defense lawyer in your corner. 

Criminal defense attorneys understand the law and how to use it in your favor. They’ll help you interpret the applicable laws to pursue the most favorable outcome for you.

Aside from fighting criminal charges, there are other reasons why you may require their services, including:

You Were Confronted by Police Officers or Detectives

If police officers or detectives believe you have information that could assist them with their investigations into a crime, they will invite you to their offices for an interview. In other cases, they may come to your location to ask questions.

Either way, you need to have a criminal defense attorney present to help you answer their questions truthfully but without inadvertently incriminating yourself. Your attorney will advise you on the questions you should answer and the ones to ignore.

Having an interview with investigators without a qualified criminal defense lawyer leaves you exposed because you might divulge information that will make you a suspect instead of a witness.

Police Officers or Detectives Want to Search Your Property

If you’re a suspect in a crime, the police will obtain a warrant to search your property. This means that they have probable cause that you are involved in the crime. Because you’re not a legal expert, you won’t know how far the investigators are allowed to search when they enter your property.

This is why you need to have a criminal defense attorney present during the search to ensure your rights are protected. Your lawyer will also advise you on how to behave during the search so that you don’t get yourself into more trouble with the law.

Expunging a Criminal Record

If you’ve been accused of a crime that you would like to remove from your record, you need a qualified criminal defense attorney to help you expunge it. Even if the court finds you not guilty of the crime, the criminal charges may still be a black mark on your record if you don’t get them removed.

A good criminal defense lawyer knows the steps you need to take to get the criminal charges deleted from your record permanently. They’ll help you navigate the complex legal process of qualifying for expungement.

Appealing a Sentence

If you’re not satisfied with the ruling of your criminal case, you can file an appeal in a higher court. However, there is no guarantee of success because an appeal can go either way–this is why you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who can evaluate the most intricate aspects of the sentence and advise you on how and if to file an appeal. They’ll inform you about the chances of having your sentence overturned or reduced.

Your Property Was Seized

If law enforcement officers seize your property during a search, you’ll need a criminal defense lawyer to help you get the seized property back. 

Talk to a Qualified Attorney Today

Don’t hesitate to contact a criminal defense lawyer if you’re faced with any of these situations. Strom Law is well-versed in South Carolina law and can provide the best legal counsel possible when you are facing criminal charges!




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