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When to Hire a Tax Attorney

Hiring a tax attorney might not seem a possible solution to overdue taxes, but the sooner you make contact, the sooner we can start assessing your case and identifying the ideal steps to settle your tax affairs.

As professional tax attorneys in Columbia, South Carolina, we can advise on tax relief opportunities if you are burdened with a substantial tax bill, even where this is related to previous back taxes or unfiled returns. The worst option is to ignore IRS correspondence or hope that a growing tax bill will resolve itself–accruing interest and penalties will undoubtedly add to the associated stress.

Strom Law is a highly experienced local legal firm with an in-depth knowledge of South Carolina tax codes, federal tax recovery processes, and the tools available to help us negotiate on your behalf to reach a satisfactory outcome.

What Can a Tax Attorney Assist With?

A qualified tax attorney can assist with varied cases; we support individuals and small businesses and always begin by discussing your concerns before making any recommendations. If any of the following apply, we would advise you to make contact with Strom Law at your earliest convenience to consult on the next steps:

  • Overdue tax returns and potential back taxes
  • Notification of an IRS tax audit procedure
  • Threats of asset seizures from the IRS
  • Criminal proceedings related to tax affairs
  • Receipt of an IRS levy notice
  • Concerns over spousal tax issues being investigated by the IRS

We are often asked how much a tax lawyer costs, with an assumption that hiring a professional will add to financial difficulties. The reality is that working with a capable legal advisor can save a substantial amount of financial pressure and expense and avoid potential prosecution by negotiating your tax debts to a manageable level.

Many people qualify for a staged tax repayment plan or are eligible for debt reduction structures, entering into a legally valid agreement with the IRS or state tax officials that allows them to move forward.

Should I Hire a Tax Attorney or a CPA?

While both tax attorneys and CPAs can assist with tax matters, there is a fundamental difference in the skills, qualifications, and expertise available. Tax lawyers, such as those on the Strom Law team, are highly qualified with professional law school accreditations, a bar certification, and the ability to consult and represent clients on complex legal matters. Litigators can negotiate on your behalf, suggest the best course of action, review your case with knowledge of the relevant tax codes, and highlight opportunities to reduce or remove the liability.

A CPA is an accounting professional with qualifications in tax document preparation and other services, such as bookkeeping and auditing. However, a CPA cannot assist with serious IRS tax matters.

If you have outstanding taxes owing to the IRS, have years of back tax returns you need to file, or are anxious about meeting higher-than-expected tax liabilities, a tax attorney is the right solution.

Can I Hire a Tax Attorney Before the IRS Contacts Me?

It is always beneficial to liaise with a tax attorney if you have any concerns that your tax calculations are incorrect, have begun accruing interest and fines on late payments, or feel that you may struggle to pay an upcoming tax liability.

Although some forms of legal action cannot preempt an IRS case being opened, you can receive advice about actions you can take now and potentially defensive steps to avoid attracting further scrutiny from the IRS or the South Carolina Department of Revenue. Particularly, when you owe back taxes and are anxious that a subsequent tax bill will further damage your ability to pay, you may be eligible for tax relief to bring your tax obligations into a more manageable condition.

Strom Law offers an obligation-free consultation to discuss your case, and the tax matters of concern to determine the areas where we believe we can help. Acting quickly can make a significant difference, as entering into a repayment plan with fixed installments or submitting a non-collectable petition will preclude the IRS or state tax office from raising any further fines against you.

Please get in touch at any point to arrange a convenient time to speak with one of our capable tax attorneys.




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