Zipline Victim Still in Hospital After Falling 60Ft

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Myrtle Beach, SC (WIS-TV) – Gerard O’Sullivan fell 60 feet from a Myrtle Beach Zipline a few days ago and is still in serious condition at Grand Strand Regional Medical Center.

The incident took place at Myrtle Beach Zip line Adventures.  According to a Zip line Adventures spokesperson, O’Sullivan suffered serious personal injuries, breaking both ankles, several ribs and inflicting other damage to his hips.

O’Sullivan’s long time friend Daragh Frawley has been at the hospital since the event happen.

“There’s never been any less than six of us at the hospital,” Frawley said. “We’ll be here as long as he is,” Frawley told WMBF TV in Myrtle Beach.

Frawley is one of about thirty Irishmen and women here in the United States on work visas.  Frawley says the group does everything together and are an extremely close group of people.

Unfortunately, O’Sullivan is not able to speak yet however Frawley says he has been able to blink, gesture, and let friends know he is aware of their presence. After surviving a 60 foot drop, Frawley says he feels that the luck of the Irish is on his friend’s side.

“He’s an absolute hero of a man,” Frawley said. “Absolutely no one in this group has any doubt that he’s going to recover 100 percent.”

O’Sullivan’s parents will be arriving in South Carolina on Tuesday to see their son for the first time since the accident, according to representatives from Myrtle Beach Zipline Adventures.

Zipline Adventures says O’Sullivan fell from one of the zipline towers after he forgot to secure a safety clip that would have prevented the fall.  Since the accident, the ownership group says they have conducted both an internal and an independent investigation as well as a safety check of the zipline attraction.  They say they will add increased signage reminding employees of safety procedures.

Myrtle Beach Zip line Adventures has been in the tourist attraction business for less than three months.




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