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Best DUI Mugshot

South Carolina DUI Lawyers  Last week, 24-year-old Michelle Watson of Prescott, Arizona was driving drunk in her Honda Civic.  Authorities said her blood-alcohol level was three times the legal limit. She eventually crashed into several curbs and went up on the sidewalk. Police officers pulled the her over and gave her a field sobriety test. … [Read more...]

American Airlines’ AMR Files for Bankruptcy

South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyers   CBS is reporting that American Airlines' parent company, AMR, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this morning. The Texas-based Corporation is the parent company of American Airlines and American Eagle.  They released a statement saying the corporation and some of its U.S.-based subsidiaries including … [Read more...]

Man Gets DUI While Wearing “I’m a Drunk” T-Shirt

South Carolina DUI Lawyers Talk about seeing the future. According to the Smoking Gun website, a New York motorist wearing an “I'm Not An Alcoholic, I'm A Drunk.  Alcoholics go to meetings” t-shirt was arrested last week for drunk driving after he wrecked into a police car. Kevin Daly, 22, was arrested after crashing his 2000 Saturn into a … [Read more...]

Drunk Driver Crashes Into Helicopter

South Carolina DUI Lawyers We write a lot of Drunk Driving articles here at the Strom Law Firm, but this one is near the top. Two drunk-driving accidents took place over the weekend that injured three people, killed another, and produced one of the worst statements we've ever heard from a drunk driver. The first accident occurred at 1:30 A.M. on … [Read more...]

Couple Sues Airline After Discovering Cockroaches Hanging Above Their Heads

South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyers A North Carolina couple filed a lawsuit against Air Tran Airways, alleging they were sickened by cockroaches coming out of air vents and storage areas on a recent flight from Charlotte toHouston. Passengers Harry Marsh and his fiancée, Kaitlin Rush, are suing for negligence and recklessness after their … [Read more...]

Mother and Daughter Arrested For DUI One Hour Apart

South Carolina DUI Lawyers Although it occurred over the summer, this is one news story worth sharing.  It really does validate the statement "Like mother like daughter." In Idaho, in the span of an hour, a woman and her daughter were both arrested for drunken driving. After 28-year-old Alisha Gardner was arrested around 11 p.m. Saturday July … [Read more...]

Study: SC Tenth Worst Driving State

South Carolina Accident and Personal Injury Attorneys It’s a question that everyone asks, yet no one knows the answer: which state has the worst drivers? While you may think your state has the worst drivers in the nation based upon what you see on the roads on a daily basis,  you may be surprised where your state actually ranks. A new study … [Read more...]

Rodney King pleads not guilty to DUI Charge

South Carolina DUI Lawyers Los Angeles, CA - CBS News is reporting that Rodney King pleaded not guilty to DUI charges in connection with his arrest on July 12 this past summer  in Southern California. Court records state that King entered the plea in Superior Court to misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence and driving with a … [Read more...]

DUI Penalties

South Carolina DUI Penalties by Offense If you are over 21 and you are convicted of DUI, your blood alcohol level (BAC) will be used to dictate the severity of your sentence for each type of offense (first DUI offense, second DUI offense, etc.).  Keep in mind that the fines set forth below will more than double when you add in court costs and … [Read more...]

CDC: Prescriptions Drugs Cause More Deaths than Heroin and Cocaine Combined

South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorneys Many people do not realize the seriousness of prescription drug abuse. Street drugs like heroin, crack or meth have always been considered evil for decades, but prescription drugs have not had that status.  As a result, there's a tendency to take them a little less seriously. This may be the wake up call … [Read more...]

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