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Myrtle Beach Man Expects Too Much Christmas Charity, Arrested on Fraud Charges

SC Man Receives Fraud Charges Because He Refused to Pay Cab Fare A man was arrested early Christmas Day because he refused to pay his cab fare. 43-year-old William Mayo hailed a cab, run by Anchor Taxi, early on Tuesday morning, telling the driver he just wanted to ride for awhile. He had no specific destination. When he told the driver to stop, … [Read more...]

Woman Receives White Collar Criminal Charges After Embezzling $120,000

Former SC Water & Sewer Dept Worker Receives Max Sentence after White Collar Criminal Charges On Wednesday, December 12th, a jury in Jasper County, SC found a former Water & Sewer Department worker guilty of embezzlement. The white collar criminal charges led to the maximum sentence – 10 years in prison, and repayment of the stolen … [Read more...]

Man Arrested on DUI Charges After Driving Lawnmower Down Highway

Lawnmower Driver in South Carolina Receives DUI Charges A 56-year-old man faces DUI charges in Wellford, SC after driving his lawnmower down Highway 29, in Spartanburg County. According to Wellford Police, Elliot Robert Conrad III was arrested on Monday, December 10th at 6 PM, after he was pulled over for driving a lawnmower down the shoulder … [Read more...]

Along with Bladder Cancer, Actos Can Also Cause Bone Fractures

Women Who Took Actos for Diabetes More Susceptible to Bone Fractures Takeda Pharmaceuticals’ Type 2 diabetes drug, Actos, has been the focus of hundreds of personal injury lawsuits for at least two years. The lawsuits were combined into one multidistrict litigation, MDL 2299, in the court of Louisiana (Lafayette) – the Honorable Rebecca Doherty … [Read more...]

US Supreme Court Reviews Personal Injury Lawsuits Against Generic Drugs

Generic Drugs Previously Exempt from Personal Injury Lawsuits In 2011, the Supreme Court ruled 5 – 4 that patients cannot levy personal injury lawsuits against manufacturers of generic drugs if they fail to warn about side effects. The ruling was based on the FDA’s regulation that generic drugs must be functionally, chemically equivalent to their … [Read more...]

Limp Bizkit’s DJ Lethal Sued for Automobile Accident

Famous Los Angeles DJ Hit With Automobile Accident Lawsuit from Accident Last Year On Monday, November 24th, DJ Lethal was hit with a lawsuit for what he calls a “fender bender.” Suraj Kayastha, the woman DJ Lethal hit, filed the personal injury lawsuit documents in the LA County Superior Court on November 5th. She claimed that she was driving … [Read more...]

Three SC High School Students Receive South Carolina Criminal Charges for “Joy Riding” in School Buses

Three SC Students Steal School Buses, Arrested for South Carolina Criminal Charges High school students in Laurens, SC were arrested on Saturday after driving two school buses around a parking lot. The students were unlicensed, and at least one of them was 14-years-old. As they are juveniles, the students’ names are not being released, nor is the … [Read more...]

Richland County Criminal Charges for Thieves Who Stole Beer from Convenience Store

Employee Gets in Fight Over Beer, Thieves Gets Away Without Richland County Criminal Charges Richland County officers are still searching for two men who tried to steal two cases of beer, and got in a fight with the store clerk. The incident took place on October 30th, at about 11 PM at El Cheapo on 1013 Percival Road. The men entered El … [Read more...]

Man Hits DOT Worker, Faces Serious DUI Charges

Man Receives His 3rd DUI Charge and Potential Charge of Vehicular Manslaughter A man was charged in Lexington County with hitting and killing a Department of Transportation worker – and his third DUI charge. On December 4th, 39-year-old Thomas Stafford from West Columbia was driving down I-20 when he suddenly swerved into 21-year-old Nicholas … [Read more...]

Columbia Man Receives First DUI Charge, As Well As Public Urination Citation

Police Reported Man Hit Retaining Wall, Urinated in Public – Received First Time DUI Charge According to police reports, a man in Columbia, SC hit the retaining wall near the Walgreens in Five Points early on Thursday morning. He was arrested and charged with a DUI, as well as public urination. At 2:30 AM, 21-year-old William Daniel Inbody hit … [Read more...]

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