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Groupon Offers Vouchers to Customers

If you purchased a Groupon between the dates of Nov. 1, 2008 and Dec. 1, 2011 and did not use it, you may be eligible for a refund due to a class-action lawsuit. The Chicago-based Groupon  informed subscribers via email on Friday of the potential refund program after a class-action lawsuit was brought against the company. The class-action lawsuit … [Read more...]

CPSC Focuses on Pool Safety and Drowning Prevention

Avoiding Drowning Related Accidents As the school year ends and summer begins, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is again advising parents of the importance of pool safety in the prevention of drowning deaths in children. The CPSC has again launched their Pool Safety: Simple Steps Saves Lives  campaign focusing on those at most risk … [Read more...]

New Study Links Prescription NSAID use to Lower Risk of Cancer

South Carolina Consumer Protection Attorneys A new study is linking prescription pain medication to a lower risk of developing certain types of skin cancer. This new health study found people who used common nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) had a significantly lower risk of developing melanoma and squamous-cell skin cancer. The study … [Read more...]

More Ticks appear in the South, Risk of Disease Rises

All across the South, lying in wait in the grass and trees, there are a growing number of a certain pest that could potentially be harmful to your health: ticks. While public health officials say the reported number of Lyme disease cases and Rocky Mountain spotted fever are not yet causes for concern, the number of ticks is growing exponentially, … [Read more...]

Nuvaring Lawsuit

Nuvaring Lawsuit Nuvaring, manufactured by Merck & Co, Inc, is a small, intervaginal device, used to prevent pregnancy. The device is inserted once a month. The device was initially praise for its low dosage and easy use, as compared to the birth control pills’ daily regimen. Nuvaring is now being linked to various, and sometimes serious, … [Read more...]

Miami Zoo uses iPads to communicate with apes

Miami’s Jungle Island is giving a whole new meaning to the term monkey business by participating in a new experiment between computers and apes. The park is letting six orangutans use an iPad as part of a mental stimulus program. The experiment’s goal is to begin to bridge the intellectual gap between humans and apes. Linda Jacobs, who oversees … [Read more...]

Electronic Devices Top Distraction Among Teen Drivers

A new study of teen driving has found that using electronic devices is the most common form of distracted driving behavior for teens; teenage girls are twice as likely as boys to use cell phones or other electronic devices while driving. In a technology-fueled world, young drivers can often find themselves distracted by as many as three different … [Read more...]

Police Officer Stabbed in Skull Lucky to be Alive

An NYPD police officer is being described as the “luckiest unlucky man ever” after surviving a brutal stab wound to the skull. Officer Eder Loor, 28, found himself involved in an altercation with a bipolar arrestee while on duty. During the altercation, Terrence Hale, 26, plunged the three-and-a-half inch blade deep into Loor’s left temple. Loor, … [Read more...]

Despite What You Think, Your Child’s Car Seat May Not Be Safe

Protecting the Safety of South Carolina Children When you are expecting a child, purchasing a child safety seat is one of the most important decisions to consider.  There are a variety of options to choose from, and although protecting your child is foremost in your mind, he or she may not be as safe in the back seat of your vehicle as you … [Read more...]

IRS Audits May See a Decrease This Year

Defending an IRS Audit Budget cuts, a hiring freeze, staffing reductions, an increasingly complex tax code, and a surge in tax refund identity fraud, could decrease the number of IRS audits   conducted by the IRS this year. The IRS’ mission has been historically to detect and stop fraud while responding to taxpayer needs. This mission is becoming … [Read more...]

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