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Two Arrested for Video Gambling Machines

Two Men Arrested in Florence for Video Gambling Machines Florence police have arrested two suspects they say operated 9 video gambling machines, which were discovered in separate businesses around the city on Wednesday, November 20th. The first bust stemmed from a complaint about video gambling machines being operated in a bill pay business. … [Read more...]

Avandia Manufacturer Settles Healthcare Fraud for $3 Billion

GlaxoSmithKline, Manufacturers of Avandia and Other Pharmaceuticals, Pleads Guilty and Settles Healthcare Fraud Case for $3 Billion The pharmaceutical manufacturer behind faulty blockbuster drugs like Avandia, Wellbutrin, and Paxil has agreed to plead guilty in a healthcare fraud lawsuit, and will pay $3 billion to the US government, in the … [Read more...]

Another Sports Supplement Under Product Recall for Potential Hepatitis

More Sports Supplements Subject to Product Recall for Containing Ingredient that Might Cause Hepatitis Another dietary supplement is subject to the FDA’s product recall involving OxyElite Pro, because the sports supplement contains an ingredient that might be the cause of hepatitis and liver damage in numerous patients. Physique Enhancing … [Read more...]

Angelcare Baby Monitors Under Product Recall After Deaths

Two Infants Strangled by Angelcare Baby Monitors, Product Recall Issued The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a product recall for 600,000 Angelcare Baby Monitors after two infants were strangled by the device. In a press release on Thursday, November 21st, the CPSC announced the product recall after receiving complaints about the … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Deep Fried Turkey Safety Tips

Avoid Personal Injury When Making Thanksgiving Deep Fried Turkey Southerners love deep fried turkey during the Thanksgiving season. Turkey meat can be notoriously dry, and deep-frying the bird is a great way to keep the meat soft and succulent. Although deep fried turkey is delicious and rapidly becoming part of the Thanksgiving tradition … [Read more...]

OxyElite Pro Manufacturer Sued for Personal Injury in Hepatitis Case

Woman Sues Manufacturer of OxyElite Pro, and Store that Sold It, in Personal Injury Case for Contracting Hepatitis A woman from the Big Island of Hawaii has issued a personal injury lawsuit against the manufacturer of OxyElite Pro, as well as the store that sold the product to her, after she contracted acute hepatitis. So far, at least one person … [Read more...]

Two Truck Drivers Paid Over $300,000 in Wrongful Termination Suit

Two Truck Drivers Awarded $302,000 in Wrongful Termination Suit Against Employer After two truck drivers were fired for being whistleblowers against their employer’s unsafe company practices, a judge has ordered that they receive $302,000 each after they filed a wrongful termination lawsuit. The now defunct Ohio-based carrier Star Air, and … [Read more...]

Hudson River BUI Defendant Pleads Not Guilty

Man Who Crashed Boat on Hudson in Alleged BUI Contests Charges A New York man piloting a boat with several of his friends on board allegedly committed BUI – boating under the influence – last summer when he crashed his boat into a stationary barge on the Hudson River. Jojo John, 35, entered a plea of not guilty at his arraignment on Wednesday, … [Read more...]

Federal Bill to Regulate Compounding Pharmacies Passes Congress

Bill to Regulate Compounding Pharmacies, Prevent Outbreaks like Last Year’s Meningitis, Passes House and Senate Unopposed A new piece of legislation, which began forming last year just weeks after the horror of the meningitis outbreak news broke, aims to heavily regulate compounding pharmacies, which had previously flown under the radar of FDA … [Read more...]

J&J Agree to $2.5 Billion Settlement for DePuy ASR Personal Injury Cases

Settlement Negotiations Finally Land on $2.5 Billion Payment to Victims of J&J’s DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Device After much back and forth, pharmaceutical manufacturer Johnson & Johnson has finally agreed to pay $2.5 billion to settle personal injury claims involving its all-metal hip replacement device, the DePuy ASR. J&J, its … [Read more...]

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