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More States See Recreational Marijuana on Ballot

As Midterm Elections Near, Two More States and DC Will Vote on Recreational Marijuana In 2012, Colorado and Washington State became the first two states in the US to legalize recreational marijuana use. Although many states have passed medical marijuana legislation, which can be especially beneficial for those suffering from chronic pain disorders … [Read more...]

Zombie Woman Arrested for DWI Twice in One Night

Woman in Zombie Costume Arrested for DWI Twice in One Evening An Upstate New York woman who attended the area’s popular “zombie prom” at a bar in Gates, NY, was reported pulled over and arrested for DWI twice in one evening. Catherine Butler, a 26-year-old resident of Rochester, NY, had a few too many drinks while at the zombie prom, and tried to … [Read more...]

$9 Billion Actos Verdict Reduced

Judge Reduces Actos Award by 99.6% In April, a jury ruled that Takeda Pharmaceutical’s blockbuster Type 2 diabetes drug, Actos, was the cause of a plaintiff’s bladder cancer in a bellwether case representing many personal injury cases against the company. Plaintiff Terrence Allen and his wife alleged that the man took Actos as prescribed, and he … [Read more...]

Halloween Safety Tips

The Strom Law Firm Wishes Everyone a Happy Halloween with These Safety Tips Halloween falls on a Friday this year, which means more Halloween parties, late nights, and people on the streets at all hours, as revelers take advantage of the extra days of rest following festivities. The Strom Law Firm wishes everyone a Happy Halloween, but recommends … [Read more...]

DePuy Wins First Bellwether Suit Against Pinnacle All-Metal Hip Implant

DePuy Orthopedics Found Not Liable for Personal Injury in First Bellwether Case Against Pinnacle All-Metal Hip Implant On Thursday, October 23rd, a jury found DePuy Orthopedics, a subsidiary of pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, not liable for personal injuries caused by their Pinnacle all-metal hip implants. The verdict against … [Read more...]

Labor Violations Class Action Against NBCUniversal Settled

Former Interns Agree to Settle with NBCUniversal in Labor Violations Class Action Lawsuit A group of former interns for NBCUniversal have agreed to settle the labor violations class action lawsuit they brought against the company, claiming the production studio committed wage and labor violations by failing to pay them. NBCUniversal offered a … [Read more...]

J&J Accused of Ignoring DePuy Pinnacle All-Metal Hip Implant Failures

Jury Hears Arguments Against J&J and DePuy for Ignoring All-Metal Hip Implant Failures for Profit As the 7-week personal injury trial of plaintiff Kathleen Herlihy-Paoli against DePuy’s all-metal Pinnacle hip implant continues, the jury heard accusations that Johnson & Johnson, the parent company of subsidiary DePuy Orthopedics, ignored … [Read more...]

Syngenta Corn Lawsuit: Helping South Carolina Corn Farmers

Corn Lawsuit Seeks Damages for Lost Profits to Corn Farmers Corn Farmers in South Carolina and beyond work hours on end to protect their corn crops and ensure that the crop produced maintains its integrity for the end consumer. Corn farming in the US is big business. The United States produces more corn than anyone else in the world.  In fact, … [Read more...]

Dangerous Drugs Show Up in Supplements

Dangerous Drugs Banned by the FDA Show Up in Dietary Supplements A study published on Tuesday, October 21st, traced FDA recalls of dangerous drugs, including recalls of supplements that feature those dangerous drugs after they have been removed from the pharmaceutical market, and showed that many of those supplements do not get removed from retail … [Read more...]

Medical Marijuana Card Holders Can Face DUI Charges

Judge Rules that Medical Marijuana Card Holders Can Face DUI Charges A judge in Arizona ruled that medical marijuana card holders can be charged for DUI, if they are found to be impaired at the time they are pulled over. The ruling stemmed from an appeal filed by Travis Lance Darrah, who was arrested on DUI charges in 2011 for having marijuana in … [Read more...]

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