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Disabled Vets File Lawsuit Against VA for Veterans Benefits Delays

Seven Disabled Vets Say Delays at VA Led to Delayed Veterans Benefits Seven disabled veterans have filed a lawsuit against Veterans Affairs on Monday, April 20th, because the federal agency failed to send medical files to the vets in a timely fashion – sometimes leaving them waiting for years – and that caused delays in necessary veterans … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Rules Drug-Sniffing Dogs at Traffic Stops Are Illegal

Drug Charges from Drug-Sniffing Dogs at Routine Traffic Stops Now Illegal Per Supreme Court On Tuesday, April 21st, the Supreme Court ruled that a police may not bring in drug-sniffing dogs during a routine traffic stop, even if the dog finds a controlled substance and the suspect receives drug charges. The ruling applied search and seizure law … [Read more...]

Georgia Woman Going to Jail for 5th DUI

Savannah Woman Arrested for 5th DUI, Going to Jail A woman in the Savannah, Georgia area was arrested for her 5th DUI charge on Christmas Eve, and has now been sentenced to a year in prison and a $1,000 fine, the maximum DUI fine Georgia state law allows. Sheila Faye Conley, 55, pleaded guilty to her 5th DUI, as well as making false statements … [Read more...]

Takeda Will Settle Actos Lawsuits for $2.4 Billion

Thousands of Actos Lawsuits Reach Settlement Amount of $2.4 Billion After years of Actos lawsuits over the side effects of the Type 2 diabetes drug, Japanese pharmaceutical company Takeda recently offered a settlement the matter by distributing a total of $2.2 billion to thousands of personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits consolidated into … [Read more...]

Pfizer Wins First Zoloft Birth Defects Trial

Jury Dismisses Zoloft Birth Defect Personal Injury Charges Against Pfizer After a one-week trial, the jury for the first Zoloft birth defects personal injury case ruled in favor of Pfizer,  concluding that the company did not fail to warn of dangers. On Friday, April 17th, the jury cleared Pfizer of liability for Zoloft’s birth defects, despite … [Read more...]

Georgia Nursing Home Abuse Case Under Investigation

Woman Hospitalized After Gruesome Injuries, Nursing Home Abuse Case Under Investigation Metro Atlanta police are investigating a nursing home abuse case for potential nursing home abuse charges after a 77-year-old female resident was hospitalized with gruesome injuries. The victim was rushed to the emergency room on Tuesday, April 14th, with a … [Read more...]

Few Protections Can Lead to Animal Cruelty Criminal Charges in SC

South Carolina’s Lax Animal Protections Can Lead to Animal Cruelty Criminal Charges When it comes to animal protection laws, South Carolina ranks 45th out of 50 among US states. Because of few defined regulations around proper treatment, many people could face animal cruelty criminal charges. South Carolina law allows animals to be treated like … [Read more...]

More Join Outback Steakhouse Wage Payment Class Action

Thousands of Current and Former Outback Steakhouse Employees Join Wage Payment Class Action The parent company behind Outback Steakhouse faces a major wage payment class action lawsuit involving over 100,000 hourly employees of the organization, who claim the company violated minimum wage law, overtime pay, and required off-the-clock work. The … [Read more...]

Two SC Men Face Federal Charges for Train Accident

Two Men Allegedly Caused Train Accident as Part of Insurance Scam Two South Carolina men face federal charges for intentionally parking their vehicle on train tracks, causing a train accident, and then claiming they were injured as part of an insurance scam. James Love, 33, and Deon Roberts, 34, were both indicted by a federal grand jury on … [Read more...]

Aaron Hernandez Convicted of First-Degree Murder Gets Life in Prison

Former Pro Football Star Aaron Hernandez Convicted of First-Degree Murder Sentenced to Life Without Parole Former star tight end for the New England Patriots, Aaron Hernandez, was sentenced to life in prison without parole on Wednesday, April 15th, for first-degree murder charges. Hernandez was convicted on the first-degree murder charge of … [Read more...]

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