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Self-Driving Tractor Trailer Can Prevent Trucking Accidents

New Self-Driving Semi-Truck Could Reduce or Prevent Trucking Accidents Hauling cargo across the country is a tough, demanding job for any long-haul trucker. Although Federal law regulates the hours and manner of driving, violations are common, increasing the risk of a tractor trailer accident. Now, a company has developed a self-driving tractor … [Read more...]

Over 30 Personal Injury Lawsuits for Metro-North Train Accident

Two Years After Massive Metro-North Train Accident, Personal Injury Plaintiffs Still Filing Lawsuits Although it has been two years since the infamous Metro-North train accident and derailment injured 70 passengers, plaintiffs are still filing personal injury lawsuits against the railroad company for long-lasting injuries and disabilities. As … [Read more...]

DaVita Settles Healthcare Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuit

Kidney Dialysis Provider DaVita Agrees to Healthcare Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuit Settlement DaVita Healthcare Partners Inc has agreed to pay $450 million to settle a healthcare fraud whistleblower lawsuit which accused the company of intentionally wasting medications in order to overbill Medicare. The company is the US’s largest kidney dialysis … [Read more...]

Bruce Jenner Faces Wrongful Death Car Accident Lawsuit

Bruce Jenner Named Defendant in Wrongful Death Car Accident Lawsuit The stepchildren of a woman killed in a car accident involving Bruce Jenner have filed a wrongful death car accident lawsuit against the former Olympian, alleging negligence and reckless endangerment. The car accident victim was Kim Howe, 69, and her stepchildren William Howe … [Read more...]

Aetna No Longer Covers Power Morcellator Surgery

Health Insurer Aetna Will No Longer Cover Power Morcellator Surgery Due to Cancer Dangers One of the largest health insurance companies in the US, Aetna, announced that as of June 2015, it will no longer cover routine use of laparoscopic power morcellator surgery for uterine fibroids due to the high risk of spreading cancer to the uterus and … [Read more...]

Wrongful Death Highlights Treadmill Accidents

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death on Treadmills is Common, According to Stats The announcement of CEO Dave Goldberg’s death on Friday, May 1st, in a treadmill accident was shocking to many people. While it is still unclear exactly what caused the CEO of SurveyMonkey to fall and fatally hit his head, his death has created much discussion around … [Read more...]

Woman Will Not Face Murder Charge for Self Defense

Elgin Woman Will Not Be Prosecuted for Murder in Self Defense Killing In January 2012, Sally Memmert was in her home when a mentally distraught woman, whom Memmert had tried to help in the past, broke in and attacked her. Memmert shot the woman, resulting in her death. The Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office charged Memmert with murder, but she argued … [Read more...]

Hostage in Domestic Violence Situation Finds Relief With Help From Pizza Hut

Florida Mother Held Hostage in Domestic Violence Situation Writes Plea into Online Pizza Hut Order In an astonishing plea for help, a woman in Florida, who was being held hostage in a domestic violence situation with her three children, managed to outsmart her boyfriend who was holding her hostage by placing an online order with Pizza Hut, and … [Read more...]

Walking Dead Star Charged with DUI, Drug Possession, Speeding

Star of “Walking Dead” Arrested and Charged with DUI, Drug Possession, and Speeding in the Triple Digits The actor who plays tortured priest Father Gabriel Stokes on hit AMC series “The Walking Dead” was arrested in Peachtree City, Georgia on Sunday and charged with DUI, drug possession for marijuana, and speeding – the suspect was reportedly … [Read more...]

Columbia Movie Theatre Has Applied for Alcohol Beverage License

Forest Acres Movie Theatre Plans to Sell Alcohol, Applied for Alcohol Beverage License The Forest Acres Wynnsong 10 Movie Theatre has applied for an alcohol beverage license, making it the first movie theatre in the Columbia, SC area to move in that direction. The Georgia-based movie theatre chain, Carmike Inc, which runs all of the Wynnsong … [Read more...]

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