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US Soccer Federation Bans “Headers” for Youth 10 and Younger

US Soccer Federation Bans Headers for Youth 10 Years Old and Younger After a concussion lawsuit from 2014 was finally settled, the US Soccer Federation has released new guidelines for young players that should help prevent traumatic brain injuries later in life. The group officially banned “headers” – hitting the soccer ball with the head instead … [Read more...]

Fort Jackson Acknowledges Dam Breach Contributed to Flooding

Fort Jackson Releases Info Confirming Dam Failures Led to Flooding Columbia is still recovering from the flooding which occurred following the Semmes Lake Dam Breach.  After more than thirty days of silence, Fort Jackson officials released a statement confirming breaches on the western side of the Fort Jackson military base could have contributed … [Read more...]

Traumatic Brain Injury Could Increase Risk of Criminal Charges

Suffering Traumatic Brain Injury Could Increase Risk of Criminal Offenses and Charges A new medical study suggests that suffering a traumatic brain injury can dramatically increase the chances the patient will participate in criminal activity. The likelihood of an individual criminally offending with a TBI rose as much as 60% in some … [Read more...]

Boeing 767 Engine Explodes Mid Runway

Airplane Engine Explodes Mid Runway Forcing Evacuation On Thursday, October 29,th pilots of a Boeing 767, operated by Dynamic International Airways, departed the gate despite warnings concerning a possible problem. While on the runway preparing for take off, the airplane engine burst into flames. Passengers and crew were forced to evacuate the … [Read more...]

Sen. Harry Reid Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Exercise Band

Exercise Band Injures Senator Harry Reid, Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed Fiery democratic senator, Harry Reid, suffered a serious eye injury after an exercise band allegedly caused him to break several bones around his eye, as well as several ribs. After almost a year of undergoing treatment, Reid has not only been forced to leave his political … [Read more...]

Veterans Denied Disability Benefits Still Suffering and Vulnerable

Study Shows that Veterans Denied Disability Benefits Not Healthier than Counterparts A new Veterans Benefits Administration study investigated the differences between veterans awarded disability benefits, and those who sought benefits, but were denied, and determined there was little difference in actual health or injury rates. “A veteran seeking … [Read more...]

Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Recall Expanded

Volkswagen EPA Regulation Recall Likely to Expand The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced the expansion of a safety recall based upon claims that the emission problem is broader than initially thought. In September, the EPA launched an investigation into the German automaker after a University of West Virginia study claimed that … [Read more...]

Two Strom Law Attorneys Fight for Equality in SC’s Domestic Violence Law

Two Attorneys at the Strom Law Firm Fight for Egalitarian Application of South Carolina’s Domestic Violence Law Last year, after South Carolinian’s expressed outrage that the state consistently ranked first for number of women killed in domestic violence situations by their male partners, the southern state finally updated its domestic violence … [Read more...]

Federal Lawmakers Urge Examination of State Workers Comp

As States Limit Workers Comp Benefits, Congress Seeks Federal Oversight to Help Workers Based on information published jointly by Pro Publica and NPR, 10 Democrats in the House and Senate sent a letter to Labor Secretary, Thomas Perez, noting that federal oversight might be required to ensure that states offer appropriate workers' compensation to … [Read more...]

Dollywood Ride Injuries Lead to Lawsuit

Lawsuit filed against Dollywood For Ride Related Injuries In December 2013, a woman was injured on a ride at Tennessee theme park, Dollywood, after lifting the safety bar just before the ride came to a complete stop. After suffering brain trauma, she and her husband sued the theme park seeking compensation for her personal injuries, alleging that … [Read more...]

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