Common Workplace Accident Cases

Employers are across the United States are required to carry Worker’s Compensation insurance. Workers’ Compensation insurance is designed to help employees who have been injured at work recover any lost wages and other necessary help while they are out of work. Workers’ Compensation insurance only covers the employees when the injury occurs as a direct result of their work. Three of the most common types of Worker’s Compensation Cases are:


  1. Overexertion.
    Costing over $12.75 billion annually in expenses and accounting for more than 25% of worker’s compensation cases nationally, overworked employees suffer injuries related to lifting, pushing, or pulling beyond their capacity. Physical exertion is often responsible for this type of injury, although exhaustion factors into the injury as well.
  2. Falls.
    Whether an individual falls on a flat surface or down to a lower level, slipping, tripping, or falling are the next most common types of workplace injuries. This type of injury can happen in any industry, whether a fall occurs because of a wet floor or construction obstacles in the workplace. Falls account for billions of dollars annually in worker’s compensation cases nationally.
  3. Bodily Reaction.
    This type of workers’ compensation cases occur when a person bends, climbs, reaches, stands, or sits, or otherwise moves without slipping or falling. These accidents can happen as reactions to events that occur at work. Common examples are injuries that befall police officers avoiding more obvious injuries in the line of duty. These types of injuries drive $5.28 billion annually of worker’s compensation claims.
  4. Struck by Object.
    These types of injuries account for $4.64 billion annually in worker’s compensation claims. Struck by Object claims occur when something hits an employee, whether the object falls off a shelf or hits someone in the air. This type of injury is similar to the next most common type of injury, which is when an individual is struck against an object. In this type of injury, the employee either falls into something or is physically pushed against a stationary object and suffers an injury as a result.
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